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March 31, 2015

Give It 100 ~ Thanks, Mel D.!!!

So I have decided to get back in shape and I have actually started using my membership to the YMCA!

Mel D. at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations has inspired me to be a little lot more active with my workout!
Thanks Mel D.!  I have so many things in common with you in this area!

You can click on her button to get to her site and read her post, pick up a freebie to "give it 100", and follow her AMAZING blog!
Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

Now, I got started in the gym over Spring Break. That means I have been walking for a couple of weeks, but not on a daily basis.  What I like about the "give it 100" plan is that I go daily and get to mark off a day on my sheet.  Yep~ it is all about the rewards.  I am such a BIG kid!

Speaking of rewards here is what I set up to keep me extra motivated!

Starting off:  I needed new walking/running shoes. Yes, I needed them.  My old ones were falling apart.  Now I can't waste the $$ I spent on letting them sit in the closet. I am going through a black phase ... don't my feet look thinner. LOL

At 30 days:  I will need a fitbit to keep track of my progress.  I would get it now but gotta pay the bills. Beginning of the month and all. 

At 60 days: I will need new workout outfit.  I am hoping this one is too big. HA!

At 90 days: I am going to go have a spa day!  Yahoo!

At 100 days: I will be a slimmer lady in VEGAS!!! Celebrating with fun peeps and feeling a whole lot better!

Now to keep me accountable.  I am sure I will not post every day but ... who knows. I will probably post on Instagram more.
You can post videos to the website: Give it 100, too!

Day 1:  Waiting for the gym to open and SUPER motivated to get started. (I actually walked a little in the neighborhood last night) Once in, I turned on The Walking Dead, popped in the ear buds, and before I knew it I was at 40 minutes!

Day 2: Ha Ha! That is me heading to the gym.  I love the way my shadow looks skinny.  Maybe that is a sign ...
One mile in 17 minutes... kinda tired from working all day so I stopped at 30 minutes.  Today's feature was The Bucket List!

Day 3:  Got asked if I was having another baby ... Um no, just fat!  Can't decide if I am more motivated or depressed!  Hit the gym and did two miles! Today's feature: Con Air!

I would love for you to join me on this "give it 100" adventure.  You can try is with anything you want to do for 100 days straight.

Best Wishes!

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