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September 25, 2016

Apple Theme Activities Your Students Will LOVE

We LOVE teaching our students about apples!
There are so many fun learning activities you can use in your classroom to capture their interest.

Here are some fun things to try during your apple unit!

This sweet little boy is reading a riddle book and then he will get to create his own!

Here is an example of what it looks like when they create it.

Our kids LOVE reading poetry and acting it out!

Math is a ton of fun during our apple adventures!
Here is one of our kiddos practicing number and number word matching!

Here they are working on counting apples.

Here they are working on creating patterns.

A little math poetry ...

Here is the book they make after they have learned the poem. 

Here are some of our old and new favorites that we have used in our classrooms!
Apple Counting 1-20 + EDITABLE certificates Apple Activity ~ Little Red House (Apple Riddle) Apple Activity ~ Apple Labeling Science Activity and Reader Apple Activity ~ 10 Apples Up on Top Apple Activity ~ 5 Little Apples Apple Activity ~ Graphing Apples + EDITABLE notes Alphabet  Matching Cards ~ Apple Theme Apple Activity ~ Apple Patterns Apple Activity ~ The Apple Story 
Apple Activity ~ Way Up High in the Apple Tree Poetry Activity Apple Activity ~ Apple Writing (editable) Johnny Appleseed ~ Writing and Sequencing Activity
Apple Activity ~ Apple Counting, Craft, and Poem/SongApple Activity ~ Worms in Apple Counting Activity

Number Puzzles for Apples and Pumpkins

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Apple Activities Bundle
HAPPY Teaching!


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