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March 29, 2015

Sunday Scoop 3.29.15

We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
It is so fun to read about what everyone is up to!
I am headed to the gym around noon to get my walk in!  I am going to try and walk 30 minutes a day this week. I am finding if I go right after work, I will do it.  If I go home and get comfortable ... well, it is just not going to happen. I love walking on the treadmill.  Even though the weather is fantastic and I walked outside yesterday, I still like the treadmill better.

My closet is a HUGE mess!  I would take a picture, but I am not brave enough for that.  Maybe I will add an after photo.
My goal right now is to declutter and organize one spot in my house each week.
I hope your Sunday is AMAZING and you weather is nice!
Have a happy week!


  1. Good for you going to the gym! It has been far too long for me... hoping to do some walking over this Spring Break! Have fun with your mom and dad!
    Daisy Designs

    1. Oh, I hope you have a terrific Spring Break!!! It rained during our week off. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, we love to hear from our readers! I am off to the gym now! Trying for an hour walk! Have a very happy week!

  2. Going to walk before you go home is the absolute best way to approach it. Even if I go home with the best of intentions, the couch tends to talk me into not walking. Darn couches! Good luck with building that routine.


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