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March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We wanted to wish everyone Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
We hope your day is AMAZING!!!

Here are a few of the things we did to get ready for the morning!

We hung our flag for the kids to walk under in the morning.

Lucky was busy creating during the night. He loves green scissors.

 Uh-Oh! Lucky lost a shoe.  This was Andrew's shoe as a baby... it has special meaning for me! Lucky has been around for a long while!

 Lucky must have been playing teacher with the happy guys!  I hope they were being good listeners!

Luck loves to read books about his special day
Here are just a few books he loved!

More of Lucky's artwork!  He left coins and prints all over the room!

We are not allowed to have food or snacks anymore in the classroom.  I miss the days of yummy, golden donut holes, Lucky Charms graphing, Skittles ... taste the rainbow, etc.  I hope you can celebrate with food!  We will be eating green things in the lounge, YUMMY!

Now grab a freebie from us, today only! Please leave some feedback and follow us while you're there!

Alphabet Matching Cards ~ St. Patrick's Day Gold

Have a very HAPPY St. Patrick's Day!
Karen & Alison
(We'll add more pictures later)

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