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March 19, 2015

Field Trip Fun ~ Freebie

Getting ready for field trips is a breeze when you have these little babies prepared ahead of time!

I make one for each of my chaperones. That way they have everything they might need for a minor cut or scrap. I uses the cheap little plastic containers from the dollar store and tape the label on the top.  After the field trip is over, they give them back and I just refill them for the next year.

We made a new label just for you ...
keep reading to find your FREEBIE!
Whats Inside:
Rubber Gloves
Safety Pins

What else would you put in?

If you are looking for a fast and FREE label, click on the picture below and download a copy!
Have a safe and fun field trip!
Karen and Alison

Click on the picture to grab this FREEBIE!
Have a safe time on your field trips!

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