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January 17, 2015

Tomorrow we kick off our celebration of our TPT milestone! We will be having our entire store on sale 20% off from the 18th - 21st and we will be flashing freebies on Facebook tomorrow evening
Jan. 18th, 2015!
Thank you so much for supporting us and sticking with us on this journey!
We are so blessed to have you in our lives!
Karen and Alison

(click the picture below to take advantage of the sale)

January 1, 2015

I LOVE Me Some Organization!!!

We are loving this link up with The Elementary Entourage!!!
Please make sure you go to her website and check out everyone's great ideas.

Below you will see the calendar of events:

Click here to get back to her main link-up: 

Organizing can be so tough ... out of the two of us Alison is the better organizer and she is so fast at it.  I have to make plans, map everything out, etc.  Takes me so much longer!
Here are some great ideas Alison has come up with & they really work well for me, too!

Everything has a label, a place, and a reason for being there.
click on picture to find the labels

 Here are her very organized libraries:
She has four separate libraries:  "Just Right Books", "Heart's Desire", "Non-Fiction", and "Favorite Authors".
Having four different sections helps make book shopping easier and a LOT less crowded.

Here are our new book labels:

 There are also places for the germ X and bathroom passes. 

Last but not least ... the "Yes/No Graph" station.
I love this and have used it in my room for years.
It is used daily and adds so much to our rooms.  We find out information about each child's likes and dislikes, see if they are learning/retaining skills, and take attendance from them.
Want to see more graphs and questions, click HERE.

We hope you found something new to try this year,
please follow our fun for more ideas!
Happy 2015!
Karen and Alison


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