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March 1, 2015

March ~ Currently

March, WOW time is flying!

We are linking up for another edition

of Currently! I love reading about everyone's day!

Karen's Currently:

Listening: To my children giggling and watching people play Minecraft on YouTube.
My kids are addicted to Minecraft! The sound of the voices on You tube drives me nuts! It is raining outside in Houston and daddy said “No, PlayStation!” He wanted control of the TV. So they are listening on their iPad. Note to self … earplugs. I love their giggles, but not that Minecraft voice!

Loving: Anytime I get through my teacher bag on the weekend, I consider it a HUGE success! Some weekend I do not even touch it, but this weekend I did it! Yahoo!!!

Thinking: What am I going to do over Spring Break??? I made plans but the weather may not cooperate with my plans. I am going to wait until mid-week to finalize.

Wanting: To have my whole house clean in an instant. I hate to clean and avoid it like the plaque. It is the last thing I want to do on my time off, but today I am going to tackle it!

Needing: To paint all of my nails. I noticed I started biting my nails again and that has to stop. So after my long day of clean, I am going to paint them! That is my reward for cleaning all day! Silly I know, but I have to have a goal!

Alison's Currently:

Listening: To the soft sound of the rain. I love listening to the rain while I am waking up and online. It is so relaxing!

Loving: The progress on my house has been AMAZING!!! I can not believe how fast is has progressed since the last “Currently!” I already have a roof!!!

Thinking: I have worked so hard all week, I just need some relaxation and a good book.

Wanting: To spend time with my grandson, Braydon. He is growing so fast and I love spending time with him. He is such a treasure!

Needing: Sundays are always my grocery days. This weather will not stop me! I have to go and get all of our meals for the week. Trying to keep us all out of the fast food lines!
Have a very Happy March!
Karen & Alison

Make sure you link up with Farley so we can read all about your Currently!


  1. If you ever find one of those magic wands... let me know... I have a very similar NEEDING on my currently post today lol.
    Daisy Designs

  2. I decided it's too wet to clean. My dog just tracks up the floors, so I will procrastinate on that!

    Krazy Town

  3. I want that magic wand too! Please find/invent and share! ;) It's so awesome that you got through your entire teacher bag! I honestly don't know if I've EVER felt caught up. It's a never ending battle, but teaching is soooooo worth it! :)

  4. ok we just got back from the grocery store and let me tell you… Target was having some really good sales… so we ended up BLOWING our budget and getting lots of things I was SURE I needed… like a new lamp, some shoes, bub got some socks and legos, and hubs likes their nerd shirts and he needed 3 more… ha ha ha…. hope your trip to the store doesn't blow the bank like ours did!!!

  5. We love Minecraft here, too!
    And if we all are signing up for use of the magic wand, please write my name down!!
    Have a great week. :)

  6. I want that magic wand to clean my house too! (or at least a maid)

  7. I love the feeling when you get ALL your work done before the weekend is over. It makes the week go so much smoother! Congrats on the roof!! Raise the roof!! :)

  8. I stopped all the cute Jamberry manicures this winter and really need to get back to them! Yay for the new roof - looks beautiful! Jen


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