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March 8, 2015

Movie Clip Monday ~ Math, Pinterest, & FUN!

Today we are excited to link up with Techie Turtle Teacher for "Movie Clip Monday" to share two videos!
The first is related to education and the second is just for fun!

Here is the first educational video:
It is a fun video about 3-D shapes!

Here is a video on making long pins on Pinterest:
I have got to remember how to make these and actually do them!

Now, just for fun!
This is what I look like when I dance at my Hip Hop Class!
I am all over the place!

Have a very HAPPY Monday!

Now go link up and let me see your fun links!


  1. Great videos. I have started to do video tutorials on my blog and the collaborative blog that I am on and I am so happy that people find them so helpful, so thank you for sharing this one.

    Funky in Fourth


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