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February 22, 2015

Don't Worry Be Appy Monday ~ Linky Party! ~ Sight Words Ninja

We are so excited to be linking up again for this fun App Linky Party! We are loving the ideas from others!

There are so many apps out there, sifting through them takes a ton of time. This linky party is great to follow because most of the apps shared have been tried in the classroom.

This week, I am sharing an app that my son loves!!!
It is Sight Words Ninja.

Click on the picture to find it in the iTunes store.

In this game your students practice reading their sight words and "slicing" them. (see the picture below)

My son love the sounds, the pace of the game, and the ease of using it.  I love that he is having fun while he learns!  It is a win-win!
It also can grow a little with your child.  You can change the settings to meet your child's needs.

It is also great for in the classroom.  It is an easy station for the children to use during Word Work.

We hope you will give this app a try!
"APPY" Monday!
Karen and Alison
Thanks Jen for this fun Linky Party!!!
*All above app photos are copyright iTunes.

Movie Clip Monday ~ Linky Party ~ Brain Break

Today we are excited to link up with Techie Turtle Teacher for "Movie Clip Monday" to share brain breaks!
If you haven't tried Go Noodle, you need to give it a try.  There is some great variety on their site.
Click on their icon below to get started!
Our movie link this week is a class favorite!
This one is requested more often than others.
It is "The Sid Shuffle" and it is fun.

Now go and check out the other linked videos:
We hope you like this quick movie blog!
Have a very HAPPY Monday!

Karen and Alison

February 15, 2015

Movie Clip Monday ~ Linky Party

Today we are excited about linking up with Techie Turtle Teacher for "Movie Clip Monday"

I love using glue sponges!!!  My kids love them, too! 
I heard about them from a friend and searched online to see what they were all about and found Mr. Greg's video.
It is a FANTASTIC "How To" video:
Watch him show you how to make them:
You will save time, money, and BEST of all your kids will think you are SUPER cool! Glue Sponges are the BEST!!!

Now go and check out the other linked videos:
We hope you like this quick movie blog!
Have a very HAPPY Monday!
Karen and Alison

Don't Worry Be Appy Monday ~ Linky Party!

We are so excited to be linking up for this fun App Linky Party!  I can't wait to see all of the ideas from others!

I have many apps that I love to use in my classroom.
One of my favorites is Class Dojo!

I love using Class Dojo with my students, and they love it, too!!!  I use a variety of different rewards/incentives along with the Class Dojo.  They love the cute characters and they love the positive points!  I do not display any negative points but you can. The parents love that they can check on their child's behavior daily.  
It is a win-win! 
Here is a picture of the little monsters:

What I love about this app:
1. It is FREE!!!
2. My kids tend to love getting points and view them daily at home to see if they earned or lost during the day.
3. I can use my phone for the points, so I try and keep my phone close.
4.  The kids love updating their monster and it becomes their own creation.
5. It is great for use during conferences or for parents to instantly know if their child is having a good or rough day.  Parents can see it is they have been invited.

My frustrations with it ...
1. Sometimes the system does not come up right away.  I have created a page to help deal with that but it is still not fun.
2.  If students "buy" a prize using their points, I can not just deduct those points and I have to clear them to zero.  I have a created a sheet for this, too.  I wish it would be easier.
3. Some days we are just so busy I do not award points at all. This really is all me, but I am trying to make sure I get them on their. We are just so immersed in our learning and it is hard to break free and put those points on.

Click on the picture below to start your own Dojo!

Here is a freebie to go along with your Dojo!  We hope you like it and we would love your feedback! We are working on a complete Class Dojo product! Comment below with anything you would like to see in it.  You can also email us with any questions!

Head back over to Jen's Blog and enjoy the other link-ups!

Have a very "APPY" week!
Karen and Alison

February 8, 2015

Valentine Day Activities ~ Full month of stations and fun!

If you are looking for tons of activities at a GREAT price ... look no further!
PLUS: Read to the bottom to find your freebie!

This bundle has tons of fun activities. We have also made them available for purchase separately for those who want to pick and choose their favorites!
Here is the store link:

Click on the picture below to get to the bundle:

Here is a preview of what this pack has to offer!

Other Valentine Sets for individual purchase.  Some of these are not in the bundle and may be of interest to you! You can click on the pictures below to get the the product you like!

Now for your monthly FREEBIE:

We hope you have a very HAPPY VALENTINE's Day!
Lots of Love from~
Karen and Alison of
Planet Happy Smiles


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