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March 1, 2015

Don't Worry Be Appy Monday ~ Linky Party! ~ Decide Now!

We are so excited to be linking up again for this fun App Linky Party! We are loving the ideas from others!

This week our app is Decide Now!
Click on the picture to view it in itunes:
It is a cool app for setting up partners, rewards, randomly choosing a kiddo to answer a question, etc.
I love that is randomly selects kiddos names and gives everyone an equal chance to participate.
The kids love the reward wheel, too!
But they still beg for a chance to roll the Happy Cube!!!
I hope you love this app, too!
Have an "APPY Monday!"
Karen and Alison


  1. Love it!! I bet the kiddos really enjoy this app :)
    The Techie Teacher

  2. I can think of so many ways this will come in handy! Thanks for sharing!


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