February 11, 2017

#resourceswelove GREAT DEALS!

Hey Friends!
We are giving back BIG this month and we have already given away some great prizes!
We have one giveaway going on right now! 

Here are some more ways we are giving back...
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Reading and Writing Anchor Charts, Planet Happy Smiles
This HUGE bundle is a time saver!
You will get 46 anchor charts in total!

34 Reading Charts & 12 Writing Charts
We have made all of our charts using Velcro so they can be created with the students!
Here is our affiliate link to the Velcro Dots:

Valentine Bundle, Planet Happy Smiles
GIANT bundle of fun for Valentine's Day! The savings is HUGE by buying it in this set than purchasing each one.
Hand Sanitizer, Planet Happy Smiles
Our last item is a FREEBIE!  We love this one! It is perfect for helping with classroom management and keeping those little hands cleaner!

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We hope you will keep following us for a ton of great ideas and time saving items! Plus~ we love to have giveaways from time-to-time!
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February 6, 2017

Another HUGE Giveaway!!!

This month we are going BIG and giving back with some other AMAZING sellers!
Make sure you enter to win this giveaway!
HUGE Giveaway, Planet Happy Smiles
Hello friends! If you didn't hear already, TPT is having a huge sale this Tuesday and Wednesday! With the code "lovetpt" you can save up to 28% in my TPT store! As a token of my gratitude, We've teamed up with some other great TPT sellers to offer you some Treat Yourself Prizes including $100 to TPT, $100 to KendraScott.com and ANY 2 shirts you want from the Blue Envelope. Entry is easy! Tag a friend who you know would love this treat in the comments below , and click the link above to enter the contest! Contest winners will be announced on Wednesday at 8pm EST! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure you check out our store it will be on sale! So many new things to choose from!
Planet Happy Smiles
Best of Luck!!!
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What ... Another Giveaway? YES!

Displaying Feb 2017 $75 TpT gift card giveaway  An Apple for the Teacher.jpg
Hello Friends,
This month we are really giving back!!!  We just want to show you how much we appreciate your support! Thank you for following us on social media and Good Luck!

Prize: $75 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
Giveaway Organized by: Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher), 

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Giveaway ends 2/13/17 and is open worldwide.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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An Apple for the Teacher
Best of Luck!

February 5, 2017

Share the Love Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Hello Friends!
We are joining some FABULOUS TPT sellers in a Giveaway & Blog Hop!

We are helping introduce The Crazy Daisies!
The Crazy Daisies is part educational resources, part clip art! We’re putting our heads together to make learning fun for our students and YOURS. Amanda Smith of Daisy Designs is a 2nd Grade teacher in Florida. She also teaches Musical Theater and Dance at a local theater. She’s passionate about reading and is a total dog-lover! In fact, Daisy is the name of her 5 pound chihuahua. She has a 5-month old son, Isaac. Jodilyn Blake @DaisyADayDoodles has been teaching for 8 years on the Indian Reservations of New Mexico. She has taught as a reading specialist, 2nd grade teacher on up to Middle school Language Arts. Her TPT shop has teaching resources along with her artwork. She has been doodling since she was 12 years old for fun. However, her doodles became digital creations in May 2015. She is relatively new to the clip art world, but she loves to share her joy. By our powers combined, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with free valentines featuring Jodilyn’s art and Amanda’s witty puns.

While you are here, we would love to share some Valentine activities you may want to use in your classroom! We hope you LOVE some of them and they save you some time!
Valentine Bear Bag Valentine Color by Number and Word ~ EDITABLE Valentine Writing Activity ~ Love is... 
Valentine Poem Activities ~ I Love You Valentines Day ~ Number Puzzles Valentine Writing Activity and Class Book ~ V is for Valentine
Editable Valentine Card with Treats #love2savesale Valentine Math Activities ~ Whole Group and Stations/Cente February Calendar Numbers or Math Station Number Cards 
Valentine Reader ~ Where are the Hearts? ~ Reading & Writi Valentine Poem and Math Activities ~ 10 Little Valentines Valentine Card and Writing Activity 
Valentine Heart Hunting (EDITABLE)  ~ Write the Room Alphabet Detectives ~ Valentine Crack the Code
If you want to SAVE $$$ on several activities, the BUNDLE is perfect!
Valentine Activities Bundle #love2savesale

Giveaway $40 to Teachers Pay Teachers

Click on the image below to grab your FREEBIE!

 Blog Hop
Happy Hopping!

February 4, 2017

How to Help Students When a Classmate Moves

Hello Friends!
As teachers we put our whole heart into what we do and our students.  We become a family.  When a student moves during the year it is hard on all of us!

I recently had a student move this past week and the hole it makes in your classroom hurts. Their spot is empty, something they may have left behind is found or dropped off in your room, kids ask about them ...
It is hard for everyone.
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles
This blog will help you find ways to get your students and you through that tough time.

One thing we did for the moving student, is make a book for her.  She was thrilled to receive it and I hope it made leaving a little easier for her.

Here is what the book looked like:
The kids all created a page and put their feelings into words for the moving student.  It was a great way to express ourselves.
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy SmilesMoving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

While the other children are creating their pages, the child moving creates their own memory pages.
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy SmilesMoving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

They also autographed the book so the child could remember them all. 
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy SmilesMoving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

After all of the pages are complete, I collect them and I used a binding machine to put them all together.  The whole process was completed during our Morning Meeting time because I found out the day before that she was moving. 

Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy SmilesMoving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

I also added a some photos for her!
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

Here is what the final book looks like:
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

If you are interested in making one of these for someone moving from your classroom, grab it here!
Student Moving Memory Book, We Will Miss You!
*This is also perfect for a student teacher leaving your room or even a retiring teacher.  Our principal is leaving soon and I plan to make one for her from my class!

We also included a 1/2 page version for you to use to save on copies.
Moving Student Blog Post and Activity, Planet Happy Smiles

Another idea if you have advance knowledge of the child moving, is to have a special day for that child. They get to be first at everything, a special snack, bring in fluffy friends, etc. Just make that day a fun memory for that kiddo!

Lesson Learned: I know I will now have a complete set on hand for those kiddos you find out about at the last minute! I never want to be unprepared for it again!

We hope these ideas help ease that time in your classroom!
Happy Teaching!

January 28, 2017

HP Instant Ink ... BEST Printing Decision I Have Made!

HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles
Hello Friends!
You may be on the fence about signing up for HP Instant Ink,
I know I was.

I am so thankful I listened to my friends and took the plunge! I even bought an inexpensive HP printer at SAMS just to get 6 months free on top of a friend's referral code! 
Here is my printer:
HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles
If you print 50 or more pages per month, read on to find out more about this AMAZING program.

Choose your plan:
HP Instant Ink Pricing
Photo Property of HP
I went with the plan that costs $9.99 a month and I can print 300 pages a month.  I can also roll over up to 300 pages. Once you hit the max roll over you can't roll over any more. I like having the roll over so I have a cushion if I need to go over some months. You can go over each month but you will pay a small fee.

The BEST thing to me (besides saving money) is getting some of my time back!
I never have to make a trip to the store for ink.  The computer sends the information and they know when to ship the ink.  It is so simple.
Here is what your box will look like:
HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy SmilesHP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles
I have never had a problem with their service at all!   

Another BONUS is they will recycle the cartridges for FREE!  Yes, that is right ... you just drop your empty cartridges in the plastic pouch they send, seal, and mail it back.  They pay the postage.
The plastic envelope is in the picture below:
HP Instant Ink, Planet Happy Smiles

If you decide to take the plunge, use our referral link to get 1 month for free!
click here: HP Instant Ink
Our Referral Code: fJRrC
You can also use a code from a new printer with the referral code to earn even more months!

Here is a video if you want to hear more!

Once you go to their site, you can check to see what printers qualify.
HP Instant Ink
We hope you love it as much as we do!
Click here to read more on the official site!
You can also message us with any questions you may have. If you need help with codes, feel free to message us by email (planethappysmiles@gmail.com) or message us on Facebook.
We would love to help you!

The only benefit to sharing this information with you is the referral code which gives us both a month free. We do not receive any payment for sharing this GREAT opportunity to save money with you! 

Not ready to take the plunge, yet. Pin for later!
Happy Printing!


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