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October 18, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 10.18.15

Teaching Trio

Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
Here is Karen's Scoop:
Have to:
1. Getting my inspection on my car is on my list for tomorrow.
Gotta get it done!
2. Pay bills~ Hummmm.... feels like that is always on my list no matter what time on the month it is.
3. I am in GREAT need to go to the grocery store.
Maybe, I will make it after I get my inspection done tomorrow.
Hope to:
1. Both my kiddos need their closets cleaned out and they keep growing. I see clothes shopping being added to my growing list of things to get done.
2. Take a nap is on my list because this weekend was busy!After working all day at church yesterday, I need to relax and rejuvenate!
Happy to:
Getting crafty is one thing that really relaxs me.  I love to create on the computer or with craft supplies, it is just fun!
I have several unfinished craft projects and I am going to try and knock them out.  One of them is repainting my yard decor for Christmas.
I really don't want to wait until the last minute!
I hope you have a very HAPPY week!

October 11, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 10.11.15

Teaching Trio

Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
Here is Karen's Scoop:
Planet Happpy Smiles ~ Sunday Scoop
Have to:
1. I will be traveling to Katy to pick up the kiddos because they got to spend the weekend with their gradparents.  Over the weekend, I got to go shopping with the girls at The Scarecrow Festival!
2. I am going to try and find time to clean out my Halloween box and get rid of all the extra "stuff." It is AMAZING how much is in there that I don't use or need. I am a pack rat!
3. I also would love to get out in the yard and clean off the patio.  We have pine trees and the needles are everywhere.
Hope to:
1. Read a bit!  I have the hardest time sitting still and reading.
I wish I was not so ADHD!
2. Do you recycle?  I love to recycle and my husband loves to throw away.  I need to get that recycling to school before it is at the curb!

Happy to:
With the few hours I have today and tomorrow, I am hoping to finish some of my products.  I just can't seem to get them to the finalized part. I have been working on a growing QR bundle and I just want it to be a great group of learning stations for math!  My kids are loving them.
Two more to introduce next week!
Here is a QR activity I made a little while ago.  I love that they are great stations and terrific for review.  This one is a class favorite!
QR Money ~ Little Piggy’s Pocket Full of Coins
We hope you have a very HAPPY week!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles on TPT

October 4, 2015

Make Someone Smile ~ October

Today, I spent some time creating gifts for my team and my kid's teachers.
You never know what might make someone's day!

Here are some items that I made with a link to the free labels!

First, I bought some of the min-water bottles and created labels to fit on them.
Planet Happy Smiles mini water bottle labels

Then, I made the gift tag labels.  Very simple, but cute!
Planet Happy Smiles Gift TagsPlanet Happy Smiles Gift Tags

Finally I stuffed them and added all of the fun!
Inside: mini water bottle, fall cakes, misc. candy from the dollar tree, cute container from the dollar tree (there were 3 per package), and tulle ribbon with tag.  I wrapped them all in larger clear treat bags so I would not have any pieces of candy walk away.  I made 12 of these!

Here is what they looked like when I was finished:
Planet Happy Smiles October Gift

If you want to grab our free labels to use on your teammates/collegues/kid's water bottles, click on the picture below! We would love your feedback on our FREEBIE!
Planet Happy Smiles Gift Tags and Mini Water Bottle Labels FREEBIE

Happy FALL!
Karen and Alison

Sunday Scoop ~ 10.4.2015

Teaching Trio
Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
Here is Karen's Scoop:
Sunday Scoop Planet Happy Smiles
Have to:
1. Enter Grades~  Yes, this is an area I need to grow on.  I would love to find time to grade at school but with meetings, conferences, and other job related responsiblities it is hard. If I take it home and try to do it during family time my husband and kids are not happy.  I really need to set some time aside to do this.  I think I will come in earlier and  start my day by grading in the morning.  I am sure it will feel good to already have accomplished something. So instead of 7:00 am, maybe getting there at 6:30. YIKES!

2. Cleaning out my teacher bag goes right back to #1 grading papers.  I also have projects that are unfinished in there, too.  Today, I tackle it!

3. I already got a jump on organizing for the week.  Usually I wait until Sunday... that is my freak out day and rush to get everything done day! My husband does not like me on Sunday afternoon.  I'm fine Sunday morning but when 3:00pm rolls around ... watch out!  It is funny, I spoke to others I work with and they are the same way. Weekends are just so short!

Hope to:
1. Blog & connect are two of my favorite things to do.  I just love learning from others.We all have so muchto share with eachother to help make us AMAZING teachers and individuals.
I love trying to find time to do this every week.

2. Decorate for Halloween with my kids is a BLAST!  I am going to pull everything down today and get busy.  Maybe I can post some pictures later today!  I am also going to run to the Dollar Tree and find some fun things to do for my team. Everyone enjoys a pick-me-up!
Happy to:
I am always happy to spend time with my family!  It seems there are never enough minutes to hug on your kids and they just grow so fast.  I can't believe my youngest is in 1st grade.  BOO!  I miss that baby/Toddler phase.  
I am really working hard to slow down and enjoy each phase of their lives. Even at 21, my oldest is so cool to hang out with (when he wants to hang with mom).
I am so proud of that kid!
We hope your October is off to a great start!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles TPT

October 3, 2015

Pick 3 ~ October Fun!!!

There are so many great ideas out there for the month of October!  Here are a few that we LOVE!
We can't do Halloween in our school but we love decorating at home and creating for others.

Door ideas ... My door is a great beginning but these are AWESOME!
Back to Hobby Lobby, Dollar Stores, and Michaels.
Halloween door: Halloween Deco for front door - love this!:

What a bunch of fun games at this site!  Kids would love this!
I could see this in a public school as a fun reward system.
All you would need to do is change the fronts!
Top 10 DIY Halloween Games For Kids:

I am going to do this with my own family.  My kids are growing so fast!
This is a great way to look back for years to come!
ghost feet-love!:

Have a very HAPPY October from Planet Happy Smiles!
Karen and Alison

Check out all of these other AWSOME blogs to see their top picks!  Happy October!

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October 1, 2015

Currently ~ October 2015

We are linking up for another edition

of Currently with Farley!

Here is Karen's Currently:
Planet Happy Smiles Currently
Listening ... OOOOOOO ~ the SILENCE!  It is so peaceful late at night! I love it when I can be left to my thoughts and reflect on my day!

Loving ... that tomorrow is Friday and I will have two days with my own babies!  I miss them so much during the day! I do LOVE my class!  I am very blessed to have 21 amazing kids to teach and learn from! There is just something about spending time with your own kiddos!

Thinking ... I LOVE Fall! This weekend we will be decorating and making it FALL-tastic!

Wanting ... a maid, personal shopper, and a stylist.  Yes, I need all three ... well make it four.  I would love to have a professional organizer! Since school started everything has taken a backseat!
We are talking HOT MESS!

Needing ... to make shorter "To Do Lists" that I can really get through. I have that tendency to put way too much on my list.  Do you do that?

Boo-tiful ... my kid's love makes me feel boo-tiful.
I am one lucky mom!

Have an AWESOME week and HAPPY FALL!
Karen and Alison
 Planet Happy Smiles TPT


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