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September 26, 2015

Have you ever wondered ... What's In Our Teacher Bags???

Teacher bags come in so many different styles!!!
We can't wait to see every one's bags in this linky party!

When we first started, We loved the rolling teacher cart. You know the one that Lakeshore promos at the beginning of every school year. We would pack it FULL in my first year.
 Lakeshore Rolling Cart

Then, I (Karen) broke it when I got it stuck on the curb for the millionth time. So, I purchased one that was similar from Office Depot.

It broke that one, too.

Next, I tried a satchel and it held some things, but it was just not BIG enough!

Now, I carry a picnic style basket that a parent purchased for me and I LOVE it!!! I actually have two bags I carry on some days. The second was another gift from a fantastic parent and the handles are long and I can throw is over my shoulder easily.  I use it more for workshops. 

Planet Happy Smiles Teacher Bag
What’s Inside Karen's Bags:
Book Discussion Activity (Must Laminate!)
Papers to grade
iPads & charger
External Harddrive
Tardy slips (I get a lot this year)
Hair clips
Misc. Papers

Alison LOVES her bag, too!
Planet Happy Smiles Teacher Bag

Planet Happy Smiles Teacher Bag
What’s Inside Alison's Bag:
Checklist Binder
Coffee Mug
Lunch Bag
File Folders
A Variety of Pens
Reading Glasses
Fundraiser Packet
ATPE Supplies

and a MUST ... Hand Sanitizer

We hope you teacher bag is lighter than ours!
Happy Weekend!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles

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September 20, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 9.20.15

Teaching Trio
Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

Here is Karen's Scoop:
Sunday Scoop ~ Planet Happy Smiles
Have to:
1. Buy new sheets ... Yep, it was THAT kinda night.  You know, your kid pucks all over everything.  Time for new sheets! The others are now... the "back-ups"
2.  Creating station rotations today is a MUST!  With a new class, comes new needs.  I can't wait to create rotations that will work for them!
3.I just finished all of my reading levels and I will be placing my kiddos into their new reading groups.  I love organization!

Hope to ...
1. Watch some Netflix ... I just started a new season of Vampire Diaries. Got to see what happens next!
2. Next weekend, I am leaving the hubby at home and heading to Galveston!  Yahoo! I can't wait for a fun trip to the beach!

Happy to ...
Get organized for the week!  I love to start off organized.  I have already grocery shopped and now I am ready to lay out our clothes for this week.  I need to find some gold clothing for Childhood Cancer Awareness. 
I hope you week is full of smiles!
Have a very HAPPY week!
Karen and Alison 
 Planet Happy Smiles on TPT

September 13, 2015

Markdown Monday ~ APPLES!

Hello, Friend~
We are linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Markdown Monday!  
Markdown Monday Planet Happy Smiles
Today we are marking down another bundle over 50% off.
It is our Apple Bundle!
This is packed with lessons for whole group, small groups, and stations!
Apple Activities Theme Bundle
In this huge bundle you will find 29 files with 246 pages of fun filled learning activities using apples!
Please view the preview file on TPT to see all the apple products that you will get!
Apple Activities Theme Bundle
Included in this set are activities using: 
-shared reading
-math: patterning, graphing, counting, number recognition, number words

Here are some of the math activities in action!
The children loved graphing their apples!
Apple Bundle:  Apple Graphing

They also did a terrific job tearing paper to create their apple trees. Then, the added die-cut apples and counted the apples on their apple tree!
Apple Bundle: Tear Paper Apple Counting

Below is a cross-curricular reader that uses counting and reading skills.  I love the hands-on learning and the children added their own thumbprint apples at the end. This is definitely a thumbs up activity!
Apple Bundle: 5 Little Apples5 Little Apples

There are lots of readers that you can use during shared reading time with your students. It has graphic organizers to go with some of the activities that you can use on the smart board or interactive white boards. You will find poems about apples and poetry activities to go with them. Your students will love acting them out!
There are also lots of Apple Math to use in whole group and in stations/centers! Also included is a list of great Apple books to use during your Apple unit! There are notes to send home requesting apples if you choose to do some fun cooking or apple tasting with them! There is even an apple certificate if you make applesauce!

We hope you find this bundle packed with fun apple activities to go with your Apple Unit
Happy Shopping!
Karen and Alison
 Planet Happy Smiles on TPT

Sunday Scoop ~ 9.12.15

Teaching Trio
Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

Sunday Scoop ~ Planet Happy Smiles
Have to ...
1.  On Sunday, I always create our newsletter for the week and email my parents. I love keeping them informed!
2.  Get ready for the week ... This is the day I plan our meals, get our clothes ready, pack the car for Monday (sounds like we are taking a trip), make sure all backpacks are cleaned out /homework done/organized, and all bills paid and up-to-date. I try to give my self the least to do at night so I can focus on the kiddos needs and the "extra stuff" that pops up during the week.
3. Laundry ... my least favorite.  I don't mind washing all the clothes but the folding and putting away is my least favorite part.  I am about to recruit the littles to help with this job.  They are old enough.

Hope to ...
1. Blog and connect~ I love taking a little bit of time to blog and take part in a twitter chat!  It is relaxing!
2.  I am also working on my classroom reveal. It is a  little late, but I can't wait to show you! I hope it gets up soon!

Happy to ...
I am happy to set my children up for success this week!  We just started our school fundraiser and they have sold three items each!  I am excited for them to take part!  I am also excited that both are doing well in school and they love their teachers!  (Time to think of a fun "Fall" gift!) Sunday is all about planning for their week, too!  I try and organize for the whole week.  It makes for less stressful mornings and happy kids!

I hope you have a FABULOUS week!
Happy Sunday!
 Planet Happy Smiles on TPT

September 6, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 9.6.15

Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
Have to ...
1. I LOVE creating anchor charts that are interactive and the kids can manipulate them over-and-over again!  It really helps make their learning more concrete!
Plus ~ You can use them for future years.
2. I really need to clean out the garden! The weeds have taken over! I am sure the H.O.A. has the letter ready to be sent on Tuesday!
3. Laundry ... YUCK!  Not my favorite thing to do.  I have tried doing some during the week but with a family of five there is always one more load...

Hope to ...
1.  I am the queen of starting projects and loosing interest.  My house is full of them, my computer is full of them, and now it is time to tackle them! 
2. Try to go to the gym~  Yep, I'm back in the gym since I broke my foot.  It still hurts but I am going anyway!  I look back over the summer and wish I had never stopped.  

Happy to ...
Enjoy my extra day!
I hope you enjoy your extra day, too!

Have a very HAPPY week!!!

September 1, 2015

Currently ~ September 2015

We are linking up for another edition

of Currently with Farley!

Here is Karen's Currently:
Listening ... For some strange reason tonight, I have a TON of energy!  I got so much done when I got home and I am ready for more @ 9:30 pm. I have been on fire all day!  I got through three reading groups on the 7th day of school with only two minor interruptions!  Yahoo!!! I also did two loads of laundry, cleaned three bathrooms, unloaded and washed dishes, packed lunches for tomorrow, and made dinner. My husband is in shock right now.  You would think I was nesting.
It has been a GREAT day!

Loving ... I LOVE that my class is amazing and they treat each other so nicely!  They make my heart happy every day!

Thinking ... I know I am only suppose to have three things on my "To Do" list but ... it is more like 50.  I always forget how much we need to get done at the beginning of the year and how many different directions we are pulled.
Bless all of the teachers out there!

Wanting ... the weekend to come faster.  I love my class but I really need to spend some quality time with my own babies.  I feel like I just don't get that chance during the week.  (Note to self: Make more time!)

Needing ... I have got to get my big belly back into the gym.  I am sure I heard a whisper yesterday, "I think Mrs. Crawford is going to have a baby."
YEP!  I know I did!

1. Complete projects ... never ending. I am so ADHD and I am always adding more to my plate.
2. Decluttering is hard for me.  I can be caught saying: 
"I might use this one day!" 
3. Clean out my car ... this one I know I will get off my list.  Maybe tomorrow ... watch/follow us on Instagram and I will prove it!

Have an AWESOME week and may your students be a blessing to you!
Karen and Alison


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