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March 24, 2014

Positive Feedback ROCKS!!!

WOW!  All creators on Teachers Pay Teachers love to get positive feedback, but this one was extra special!  This project was super time consuming & we just know every class in the world should have a Reward Cube.

A HUGE thank you to Learning with Lucy
You made our day!!!

If you have not seen our post about the reward cube, you can get there by clicking here!

If you would like to go straight to our store & check out these cool cubes, just click on the picture below.  There are many styles to choose from!

 We hope you can find one that meets your needs!
Happy Teaching,
Karen & Alison

March 23, 2014

Back to work tomorrow!

Many of us are at the end of our spring break or have been back for a week.  How are you feeling?

You may be sad ... and miss your time off ...
<a href="http://cliparts.co/clipart/620482">Clip arts</a>

You may be wondering ...
"What am I going to do in class tomorrow?"

You may be jumping for joy because you just can't wait to see your friends & students.

You may be needing a lot of caffeine to get you through your day.
Whatever your feeling ... We hope you find moments that make you smile.

You make us smile every time you comment, email, follow our TPT store & Facebook page.  
Thank you & have a GREAT week!
Karen & Alison

March 21, 2014

Building on the Positive ~ A classroom management tool!

Building on the Positive ~ A classroom management tool!

Have you ever had a class that thrives on rewards & positive praise but what you were trying just wasn’t offering the results you desired?  Years ago, we had classes that needed a positive reward system that was easy to use but one that would make a HUGE impact.  We were also learning about our solids at the time.  That was when the idea of the “Happy Cube” was born.  We have never been disappointed with the results since then!  We called it the “Happy Cube” because not only did it have the reward cards around it, but also happy face stickers all over it.

We started off by saying: “I am so happy with the way you _____, go roll the Happy Cube!” or “You made my heart smile when you ____, go roll the Happy Cube!”

Instantly, almost like magic, other kids started doing the same positive behavior so they too could roll the “Happy Cube!”

We now call it “The Reward Cube” because not every class uses happy faces as much as we do.

It has been redesigned to be easy for you to download, follow step by step directions, and presto you have your very own cube! The cube would even be great for rewarding young kids at home for all of the positive things they do!

Many of the items to reward them with are free which makes it even nicer if you are on a tight budget.

All of the materials are provided in the product except an empty Kleenex box.

You will get:
-the pages to make your cube cute!!!
-all of the reward icons for the students to earn when they roll
-slides with some printable prizes
-ideas on how to organize your own reward center
-labels to use to organize your rewards
-a happy class when they get to have the fun rolling!

Take a look at everything you get in these products…

Here are some of the styles we have to offer your class!
If you click on any of the pictures below, it will take you to that product in our store.

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Zebra Print with Happy Faces

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Zebra Print

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Safari/Animal Print Theme

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Rock and Roll Theme

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Multi Colored Polka Dot Print

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Multi Colored Chevron Print with White Background
Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Multi Colored Chevron Print with Black Background
Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a Monster Theme with Multi Colored Polka Dots

Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a B/W Polka Dot Print with Happy Faces
Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a B/W Polka Dot Print
Reward Cube (EDITABLE) in a B/W Chevron Print

We hope you love our products!
We know your kids will!

Please follow our store & blog for tons of fun ideas & products.  By following our store, you will receive our newsletter that may include free items from time-to-time!
Happy Teaching!

Karen & Alison

I'm Back!!!!

After being without a personal computer for months, my car catching on fire, lots of busy activities with my family, and being sick for almost 2 full weeks ... 
I’m back!

I have really missed my computer and I am super excited to have a new one!

My BEST friend and teaching partner, Alison, has been working overtime for the two of us & I could not have a better friend.  The next blog will show you what she has invested a HUGE amount of time on. 
You don't want to miss it!
Back to work!


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