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May 2, 2016

Teacher Appreciation ~ End-of-the-Year FUN!

Hello, Friend!
A team of creative teachers have gotten together and made a BLOG HOP just for you! You are going to want to visit all of our blogs and grab the fun FREEBIES & enter the Giveaways!
Three Winners:
1st Place $50.00 to TPT
2nd Place $30.00 to Target
3rd Place $15.00 to Starbucks
Blog Hop ~ Teacher Appreciation

Classroom Fun!
So it is the end-of-the-year and behavior management can begin to get a little tough. There are so many GREAT ideas out there to help keep kids focused on learning and still have fun!

One of those is "Popping for Positive Behavior!"

Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles

You can make up your own rules, but here is how it works in my class ...

Supplies: Signs, slips of prizes/rewards, and balloons.  I used thumbtacks to attach them to the board but you could string them on a line with  cute clothespins.
Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles

I rolled the small papers (folding doesn't work well) and stuffed them in each balloon, blew them up, and tied them.
Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy SmilesBehavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles
Then, I tacked them to the bulletin board.
I hung 25 in a 5x5 arrangement.
Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles
Each day our class has had a FANTASTIC day, they get to pop a balloon.  There is a small paper with a prize.  Whatever balloon they pop, we will do that activity/prize the next day.
Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy SmilesBehavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles

Here is another board I worked on for a teammate.  It would be great for anyone who is doing a Movie Theme or Hollywood Theme!
Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy SmilesBehavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Hollywood Theme, Planet Happy Smiles

Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles
You could also do this as a countdown.  I just don't countdown in my classroom because sometimes kids can get wilder the closer the countdown gets to the end. Plus, I am already really sad about losing this group!

Grab it in our TPT Store for just a dollar!
We love all of the AMAZING teachers out there! 

Behavior Management Strategies, Balloon Pop, Planet Happy Smiles

I hope this helps with behavior management so close to the end-of-the-year. We would love your feedback on our newest item.

Blog Hop ~ Teacher Appreciation
Now~ enter the giveaway with the correct phrase for your chances to win! There are three prizes and I want one of the winners to be you! You can use the arrows in the Raffelcopter to view the prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Make sure you write down this word and hop over to the next blog! Collect all of the words to make the phrase as you hop around.  Use the phrase and enter the giveaway!
Blog Hop ~ Teacher Appreciation
Click on the picture below to get to the next blog!
Blog Hop ~ Teacher Appreciation

Happy Teaching!

May 1, 2016

Feedback Freenzy ~

Hello, Friend!  We are so glad you stopped by to visit!

This week for Teacher Appreciastion, we want to reward all of the positive feedback you give us!
We want to give a small token of our appreciation for the BEST feedback(s) we recieve from today May 1st until May 4th! The winner(s) will receive a product from our store that is $5 or less.

Answers to questions you may have:
*The more items you leave feedback on, the more chances to win!

*It counts on past purchases as well as those made during the 

*You earn TPT credits for the feedback you leave on paid items! Positive feedback on free items makes sellers want to post more free items! 

One thing I was asked is: "How can I find all of my past purchases to leave feedback on them and get my credits?"

Just in case you did not know where to go to leave feedback on all of your past items. Here is a picture to guide you. You can also leave it on the freebies you have downloaded, too.
As sellers, it means so much to us to receive feedback on the items we create. We spend a ton of time away from our families making these items to use in our classrooms and we love to know they helped others!

The positive ratings send our spirits sailing and inspire us to create more or improve an older item. Of course the negative ones hurt because of all the time and heart that we put into them.
We are always driven to make the BEST items for you!

If you ever do have a problem with an item we have made, please contact us before leaving any negative feedback and we will see if we can help you!  Our #1 goal is to have you love what you buy! Our email is planethappysmiles@gmail.com

Thank you so much for following us &
supporting our journey along the way!
We have so many more AMAZING things to come your way!

If you have not joined our email list, you will want to do it quick.  We are sending out our last FREEBIE through our email newsletter on Friday.
Click on the picture below to start leaving that feedback!
Have a very HAPPY Week!

Currently ~ May 2016

Hello, Friend!
We are so HAPPY you are stopping by!
May is here!
WOW! This month is jam packed with family time and events.
I am going to enjoy every minute of it!
Sadly, this will be our last Currently post.

Oh Boy It's Farley
Listening To: My husband loves to watch shows on ID. Today it is unsolved mysteries.

Loving: This week is Teacher Appreciation week!  We can't wait to show teachers out there how much we appreciate them.  Make sure you drop back by our blog to check out all the fun!  We also can't wait to appreciate our AMAZING teaching staff at work! We work with so many WONDERFUL teachers!

Thinking: We'd better get in gear and get it started!  If you aren't following us on IG, make sure you drop by and enter the 1st giveaway!
Click on the picture & start the loop to enter!
More coming soon!
Teacher Appreciation ~ Giveaway
Wanting: To make it to the gym and workout.

Needing: To fill the fridge ... it is looking empty and people keep asking me, "Do we have ANYTHING to eat?"
Fact about me: I really don't like grocery shopping.  

Truth: I am sad Currently is coming to an end!  I really enjoyed reading about others and connecting through common interests!

We hope your week is full of smiles & that you feel appreciated for all of your hardwork and dedication to teaching!
Happy Teacher Appreciation!


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