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June 23, 2017

Monday Made it ~ Toolbox and Pineapples...OH MY!

Hello Friends!
I LOVE linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! This linky really makes me get projects done!

I made another toolbox for another friend!
She found the toolbox and I painted & created all the labels.
Planet Happy Smiles, Toolbox Labels

Grab the labels here:
I made them editable and I add some blank labels, too!
Toolbox Labels To Match Any Decor!

Here is one on Amazon (affiliate link)
Follow the link and you can see different styles!
For that same sweet friend, I made a pineapple welcome set! I am loving the colors and the cute pineapples, so I am making more items!
Planet Happy Smiles, Pineapple DecorPlanet Happy Smiles, Pineapple Decor

Planet Happy Smiles, Pineapple DecorPlanet Happy Smiles, Pineapple Decor

You can grab this set here:
Pineapple Welcome Banner, Tags, and Poster
I hope you LOVE all of these projects!
Check back next week for more fun!
Happy Creating!

June 15, 2017

Monday Made It Is Back!

Hello Friends!
I am so excited that Tara from 4th Grade Frolics is bringing Monday Made It back this summer! 
I LOVE linking up and showing you what I have been up to.
Let's jump right in!
I made this fun toolbox for my friend!  She bought the toolbox from Lowe's and I painted & created all the labels.

Here is this one on Amazon. (affiliate link)
Follow the link and you can see different styles!

I LOVE the way her toolbox turned out! So my ...
is my HUGE toolbox! I completely redid mine! Mine came from Lowe's, too.  
Grab the labels here:
Toolbox Labels To Match Any Decor!
This one is a tip for displaying your student's work in the classroom or in the hall!
Display Clips!
Binder clips work GREAT!!!
I made my clips for next year to match my Camping/Woodland Animal Theme!

The BEST tip I can give you one this project is to check the clips on a piece of paper before you glue.  Last year, I glued them without checking and some were loose. Also, check the dollar stores for these clips.  I got 20 in a pack for $1.  Sometimes at Dollar Tree you can find some decorative clips, too! I like to use these in the classroom because the kids take care of them!

In the hall, I use my ribbon clips.
I just made these, too!
Here is how I make them:
1. I cut the ribbon 3" long.
2. I loop it through one silver handle.
3. I hot glue the ends together.
So easy!
You can either hot glue them to your spot, use a thumbtack, or staple the ribbon. 
For my last project I repainted my keys! I LOVE doing this and it really helps you find the right one quick! I am sure I saw it on Pinterest, but I have no idea which pin it was.

Here are the steps:
1. Clean your keys. (I had to remove the old color)
2. Paint a few layers of your favorite color of nail polish on both sides.
3. OPTIONAL: I added a layer of glitter polish.
4. Seal it with a clear top coat or spray with lacquer.
*I painted mine on a day I did not need to go anywhere and I was able to give the layers time to dry. If you have a spare set of keys that would work, too!
**The last time I did this, it lasted for years!

Thanks for stopping by!
We hope you got some ideas or inspiration. We would love for you to follow our blog for more ideas and tips!

We can't wait to see what other teachers are up to!
Happy Creating!


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