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April 28, 2015

The Winner Is ...

Dear Friends~
Congratulations to: Mary L.! Thank you so much for participating in our fun! Please check your email for your prize.

Have a very HAPPY day!
Karen And Alison

Tech Tip Tuesday ~ Touch Tronic

Hello Friend~
We are linking up with Techie Turtle for a quick tip on some great additions to your iPad!

This technology is AWESOME for our little learners!  It is great for small groups or independent practice.  I love them because of their hands-on learning. The apps are free to download for iPad users in the App Store. You can click on any of the pictures below to see them in the App Store.

Here are some of the photos from
ilyana Co.


Watch this video below to learn more about this AMAZING addition to your classroom.

You can find the letters and numbers on Amazon for a better price than most stores! You save when you buy them together!

We hope you love this as much as we do!
Have a Happy Day!

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April 26, 2015

Markdown Monday ~ It's Another BUNDLE!

Hello Friend~
We are linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Markdown Monday!  

Today we are marking down another bundle 50% off.
It is our 2-D and 3-D Shape Bundle!
Click on the picture below to get to the item.

What is included:
* 2D mat for use with clay, playdough, marshmallows and toothpicks. (see picture of clay & toothpicks, 3D shape)
* 3D mat for use with clay, playdough, marshmallows and toothpicks. (see picture of clay & toothpicks, 3D shape)
* Sorting cards for 2D shapes (black and white & color)
* Sorting cards for 3D shapes (black & white only)

Here are some pictures of the hands-on mats in action!
In the pictures below, the children used clay and colored toothpicks.

We hope you enjoy this bundle!
Happy Shopping!
Karen and Alison

Sunday Scoop ~ 4.26.15

We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
I love to read all about other bloggers!

Here is Karen's Sunday Scoop:
The #1 and #2 on the "I have to ..." list are almost weekly.  #3 I have put it off because of the rain.  I usually get it changed and get the car cleaned.  All this rain has made me put it off longer than I should.

You can see cleaning is a BIG plan for me.  I worked on my oldest son's room yesterday while he was with his grandparents.  I am about to go do some laundry and hang his clothes before he gets home. My goal is to remove about 50% of what is in every room. I really need to declutter and get rid of things that someone else may really need.
(Clothes that are too small, toys that are too young, etc.)
I am on a mission!!!

On Sunday, I am so happy to do the twitter chat.
I can't wait for the chat tonight!  It is a great topic. I love to share and learn more.  This group of peeps are so fun to hang with for an hour!
Have a  very happy Sunday!

April 24, 2015

Stop, Swap, & Roll ~ Product Swap & Giveaway

Hello Friends ~
We are linking up with Jungle Learners for a fun Product Swap and Giveaway!  You are going to want to check out all of these fun products and grab them up!

 Boy, did I luck out!
I got an AMAZING item to share with you today from,
Second Grade is Out of This World!

You are going to love everything this item, Commas to the Rescue, has to offer!

Here is a picture of the cover:

Commas: Commas
This is a grammar mini-unit for second grade.
What’s inside:
Posters for each of the comma rules (commas between words in a series, in compound sentences, to set off a speakers words, between city and state, between day and year, and in letters)
Practice pages for each of the comma rules
Quiz for all of the comma rules.
Answer keys (some pages will vary by student response).

The posters for each rule are terrific!  I put mine in the station where the students were using that skill. I loved how they used them to double check their work!  Later, I will add them to my binder of "Writing Rules" that the kids use throughout the day.

My kids enjoyed all of the activities and I could tell they learned more about commas by using this item.  I laminated the cards and used dry erase markers in my stations.  I love that there is an answer key for all the cards.  It makes checking their independent work a breeze!

Here are some of the cards in action:

Best thing a kiddo said this week: "I remember this because I worked on it with Mrs. Crawford! I got to try this on my card."  Made my heart happy to see him connect to what we did during small groups!

Just look at how many have rated the product...
You can tell by their comments that they find it very useful in their own classrooms.  You will, too!

As a follow up to this lesson, I plan to do the pasta commas! Click on the picture below to go to the Pinterest link!

Make sure you enter the giveaway.  I will be sending her product to one lucky winner! The more you enter the better your chances of winning!  Make sure you go to each participant and enter their giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Don't forget to head on over to Second Grade is Out of This World to see the product they got to investigate from our store and follow their blog while you are there.  Our product will be on sale 50% off until the giveaway closes.  Have fun!
Happy Weekend!

You may want to go to Jungle Learners, too.  There are several bloggers participating that you do not want to miss!
Jungle Learners

April 19, 2015

Movie Clip Monday ~ Anti Bullying Videos & Bucket Filling

Hello friends~
We are linking up with Techie Turtle Teacher for "Movie Clip Monday" to share Anti-Bullying clips.

One thing I see often is kids being mean to others.  Especially as we get closer to the end of the year and the kiddos are getting tired of being around the same kids.
It seems like the message is just not sinking in.

Here are some videos that you may like to try!

We use Kelso's Choices at our school. You can order items to use in your classroom.
If you want to check out their website click this site: Kelso's Choices.

This is the song.  The kids love it!

The next set are watch and learn clips.

The strategy of Filling Buckets is very well known!  I use this one, too! I love it!!!  The books are great to add to any building friends and behavior units of study.

You can find the books and a poster set here:

We hope we added some new videos to your list on ones to watch!
Have a Marvelous Monday!
Karen & Alison

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Markdown Monday ~ It's a BUNDLE!

We are linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Markdown Monday! 
We decided to mark this new product down to $4.00 for the rest of this week!
This is 50% off!
It will never be this low again.
Grab it while it is on the cheap!
Word Wall Sound Card Bundle ~ Part 1 and 2

This product has tons to offer and appeals to a variety of levels.  It makes it easy to differentiate!
We hope you love this item!
Happy Monday!
Karen and Alison

Sunday Scoop ~ 4.19.15

Sunday Scoop

We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
I love to read all about other bloggers!

Here is Karen's Sunday Scoop:
Sunday Scoop
Today I woke up still not feeling 100% but I am going to try and get somethings done.  I spent all Saturday in bed sick so ... several things carried over that I do on Saturday. BOO!

It was so nice of my parents to take the kiddos while I was sick!
I did get some papers graded while I was in bed on Saturday so that was good. I also slept a ton!  My body must have needed some sleep.  As teachers we so not get the sleep we need!

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and get outside and enjoy your day! I would love to hear some of the fun things you have planned.
Happy Sunday!

April 17, 2015

Tech Thursday ~ Hang Ten with Boogie Boards!

We are linking up for the first time with Teaching Trio to offer a peek into some of the technology we have added this year.
The addition below is a must have for any classroom!

If you have not seen these, you are going to love them!!!

They are called Boogie Boards and they are an inexpensive piece of technology (compared to an iPad). I received 6 this year from a WONDERFUL donor on Donors Choose.

Here is a picture of them right after we took them out of the box:

We were over the moon!!!

They come with a stylus, a clip to hold the stylus, and magnets to be able to mount them to a magnetic surface. (check descriptions to make sure yours comes with what you need) I really do not use the magnets at this time.

You can also purchase them by clicking on the link below. The second link is for the protective case.

I love using them in class during all of the subjects I teach! The kids love them, too!

Here are some pictures of them in use ...

 One of the neat things that I love about them is how much paper you can save and how easy it is to clean the boards.  No messy markers that dry out.

They are user friendly with kinder kids, too!  I have tested them out on a number of age levels and the kids are always amazed by them.

Thank you for reading about these FANTASTIC boards!
If you would like to read more, you can visit their business website here.
I hope you give them a try!
Have a happy week!

April 16, 2015

Movie Clip Monday ~ Math

Hello friends~
We are linking up with Techie Turtle Teacher for "Movie Clip Monday" to share math clips.
(Better late than never)

We had been doing multiplication for a couple of weeks.

We are just starting division this week.

Another fun things happening in my class is the new Pop See KO 2.0!

My kids loved this!!!

Here is the link:
Pop See Ko 2.0

I hope you find one of these useful!
Have a very happy week!!!

April 12, 2015

Markdown Monday ~ Theme Bundles

We are linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Markdown Monday! 

We decided to mark all of our theme bundles down this week.  Many teachers are already starting to think about next year and we wanted to give you a jump on the planning!

These bundles are full of materials to make any theme stand out! 516 pages of classroom theme fun!!!
Grab them while they are at their lowest price!

Included in the sets:
1. Complete Calendar/Weather set (22 pgs)
2. Helper Jobs – 63 different jobs and header (15 pgs)
3. Classroom hall passes – 12 different passes (12 pgs)
4. Word Wall Alphabet Cards – large (13 pgs)
5. Word Wall Headers &150 S.W. cards (32 pgs)
6. Sight word cards (editable) (1 pg)
7. Welcome banner (9 pgs)
8. Desk name tags (6 pgs)
9. Wall name plates to display work (7 pgs)
10. Skill banners (8 pgs)
11. Learning Objectives posters (editable) (9 pgs)
12. Note cards (editable) – different sizes (7 pgs)
13. Newsletter (editable) (8 pgs)
14. Getting to know you form (editable) (1 pg)
15. Rules, Rewards, Consequences posters (8 pgs)
16. Helper/Reader sign up sheets (4 pgs)
17. Birthday chart (editable) (2 pgs)
18. Yes/No Graph (editable) (24 pgs)
19. Sharp/Unsharp Pencils signs (2 pgs
20. Behavior Clip Chart (20 pgs)
21. Table Colors/Numbers (12 pgs)
22. Toolbox Organization Labels (editable) (4 pgs)
23. Tote tray Supply labels (16 pgs)
24. Stars & Wishes Class donations (editable) (19 pgs)
25. U.S./Texas Pledge posters (4 pgs)
26. Centers/Stations signs (173 pgs)
27. Schedule cards (29 pgs)
28. Homework Club (5 pgs)
29. Parent Communication Log (editable) (5 pgs)
30. NOISE! Posters (3 pgs)
31. Number Wall/Cards (20 pgs)
32. Alphabet cards (14 pgs)
33. Student Binder Cover & Spine (editable) (2 pgs)

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Super Hero ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Polka Dot Black and White Print
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Zebra PrintClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Black and White Print
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ "Under the Sea" Ocean ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Rock Star Theme
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Sports ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Ladybug Theme
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Camping ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Owl Theme
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Jungle/Safari ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Rainbow Print with white
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Rainbow Print with black

* If you are not ready to start thinking about next year, just add these to your wishlist and decide later.

Click on the picture below to find other items in our store!
We hope you will follow us and have a very HAPPY week!
Karen and Alison


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