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August 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

Tips to Leaving Feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers

As sellers, your feedback means the world to us! We strive daily to put out top quality products and offer AMAZING service to our buyers! Two of our goals are to save you time and money!
One of the BEST ways to save $$$ on TPT is leaving feedback for items you have already purchased! For every dollar you get a point.  Yes, I know if you purchase one product here or there it may seem like it will never add up to much, but it does!

A simple, "Thank you for an AMAZING product!" is enough to earn your credits!

It also matters a GREAT deal to the sellers. Your feedback can either make their day, make them sad, or inspire them to add more items to their product!

Navigating Feedback:
This is what the form looks like:
Seems easy right? But wait ...
Your answers have a HUGE impact on a seller! HUGE! 

Navigating the Directions:

Here is the first part of the feedback directions:
Fair Rating ...
A fair rating should be based on the product as a whole or what the seller said in the description. Not what you wish you would like in the product or "room to grow" tips. Sellers LOVE to get those ideas, but they are best kept for an email or as a Q & A. If you find a product you are interested in and the description is unclear, please message the seller before buying.

Here is the second part of the feedback directions:
Troubleshooting ...
Once we upload the files as a seller they go onto TPT's site.  If there is a problem downloading, please contact TPT for assistance. Most of the time it may be that software needs to be updated. As a seller, we love to help our customers in any way we can.  This area is best fixed by TPT and their wonderful tech support.

Here is the third part of the feedback directions:
Those dreaded typos ...
I have seen them on products I buy and we know we have made some errors, too! We always have someone check for mistakes but even another person can miss them. Please email the seller and ask for them to fix them.  If a seller does not fix them, then mark them down. Please give them a chance to fix the mistake. As sellers, we want you to be 100% happy when you purchase from us.

Now, what do those words mean to you?
Each person may interpret them differently. 
Overall Quality- the item is made well, has quality clip art/borders, and kids love it
Accuracy- the item is correct and matches the description, it may have a mistake but the seller fixed it quick
Practicality- the item meets the need/purpose it was purchased for
Thoroughness- the item has everything that was promised in the description
Creativity- the item looks like the thumbnails on TPT
Clarity- the item is easy to use

**We always try and think about the time and energy that went into making the item. We also take into account our students ... do they enjoy the item or learn a ton from it?

How to spend your credits:
Once you have left your feedback and you are ready to checkout with some new items, click on "Redeem TpT Credits." Then you can choose how many credits you want to redeem.
Looks like it is time to go shopping! I have $11 saved up!

You can also leave feedback on FREE items, but you do not earn credits. Sellers LOVE to hear that their item they offered for free is appreciated. If you don't like the FREEBIE, please don't leave negative feedback. Simply don't use it. Not every free item is for everyone.

With all of this in mind, we would love to hear from you!
We are in the process of updating tons of our files. You may own one that has already been updated! We would love to hear what you think about them! Occasionally, we give a FREE item on Facebook to feedback that we absolutely love! You can follow us on Facebook and watch to see if we choose your feedback!

Happy Shopping! We can't wait to hear from you!

April 9, 2018

HUGE Spring Giveaway

Planet Happy Smiles Spring Giveaway
Hello Friends!
We are so excited to get to team up with some AMAZING Teachers Pay Teachers authors to bring you an OUTSTANDING giveaway!

During this giveaway you have 3 chances to win gift cards to say THANK YOU for all you do for your students! We will raffle off a $200.00 gift card, a $125 gift card, and a $100 gift card of your choice to Amazon or TpT!

We would LOVE for you to follow our blog or join our mailing list while you are here.

Planet Happy Smiles Newsletter Link

Here is the link to the giveaway:

Best of Luck!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Teachers Pay Teachers or Amazon. 

March 4, 2018

Painting in the Classroom Made Easy

Painting Tip: Painting with Watercolors, Planet Happy Smiles
Do you love seeing your class paint but fear getting the water out? You start to vision spills, ruined artwork, and unhappy students. This was me but not anymore!

This trick may help solve the spilled water issue for you!
It is great for home, too!

Reuse your beverage carriers!
You can get them for free and it is a great lesson on reusing materials!
Planet Happy Smiles Photo of Painting Tip
One thing we have found works best is using smaller cups in the holder.  We also removed the lids on the watercolors so they would fit in the tray easily.

If you need classroom sets of watercolors, here is the link we have used. (affiliate link)
After you give it a try, come back and let us know how it worked for you! We love to hear from our readers!
Happy Painting!

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. View our full disclosure policy here.

February 4, 2018

January 28, 2018

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Hello! We love sharing our products with teachers from all over the world.  We appreciate you all so much! Please enter our giveaway below to win two of our Valentine's Day items!
Click the picture below to enter:

If you didn't win, you can grab them here:
Editable Holiday Cards with Treats  Valentine Bag or Bulletin Board "Love Bug" Craft
Thank you for taking part in our giveaway!
Happy Teaching!

January 17, 2018

8 Hands-on Math Stations with a Snowman Theme!

BRRRR! It is cold out there!
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Planet Happy Smiles
When we are learning about winter, we love to bring the snow into our Texas classrooms! Here are some snowman stations your students will love and they are very easy to prep! We can't wait to bring them into our classrooms this week!
The kids will be so excited!

Ten Frames:
One activity that never gets old in our classrooms is our ten frame station.  There are several activities you can do with ten frames!  Just changing out the counters makes it exciting for our young students!

Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Ten Frames, Planet Happy Smiles

Place Value Puzzles:
Practicing place value is important for our young learners. These puzzles make it extra fun for them! We made 30 puzzles using numbers between 0 and 999. That gives them some numbers that may be more challenging!
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Place Value, Planet Happy Smiles

Comparing Numbers:
Our students need lots of practice comparing numbers! These cards are great because they have numbers between 0 and 999 to help challenge our students, too!
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Comparing Numbers, Planet Happy Smiles

Shapes & Solids:
We know our students will love these puzzles, too! They are similar to the place value puzzles, that makes explaining them a snap!  The matching pairs are a little harder depending on the student's reading ability but they have their journals and anchor charts to help them! We combine these two sets together into one station!

Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Shapes, Planet Happy SmilesSnowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Shapes, Planet Happy Smiles

Counting Money:
Counting money is another area that they need to work on! We designed these mats for them to record what they used when they counted the change. We also made some money puzzles to go in this station!
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Money, Planet Happy Smiles

 Telling Time:
Telling time to the hour and half hour are review skills.  We added these as an assessment to see who remembers what they have already been taught from the previous year.  We do not start telling time until later this year.
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Telling Time, Planet Happy Smiles

Numbers 1-100:
Our students use thematic number cards in a variety of ways! They love putting them in order from 1-100 in the pocket chart station! They also use them for card games, place value actives, counting, etc.  These cards get a ton of use every month!
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Numbers to 100, Planet Happy Smiles

We hope you enjoyed checking out some of our stations for math! You can grab this new pack in our TPT store by clicking the picture below!
Snowman Math Stations, Winter Math Stations, Planet Happy Smiles
Stay Warm & Happy Teaching!

How to Make Absent Student Paperwork Organized With Ease!

It is that time of year when several of your students are getting sick. You have absent students and lots of papers to organize for them.

We are going to show you variations of our system for making organization a snap for you and your students!

Materials You Will Need To Get Started:

*Divider Pockets (Binder Option)

Options for Organization:
Option #1One way you can organize all of their papers is to have several identical folders prepared ahead of time. When a child is absent you simply place one on their table. You can have a helper place the items in the folder throughout the day. We have our “Table Captain” do this job.  When the absent child returns, they will take it home or complete any activities that need to be done at school.
Absent Work Folder, Make-up Work, Planet Happy Smiles

Option #2: Another idea is to make one binder for the entire class that is kept in an accessible area.  As papers are handed out, you simply write the absent child’s name at the top and put it in one of the pockets. You can have as many pockets as you feel necessary. I know I have had more than one out at a time. This will eliminate the need for multiple folders. You then staple all of the pages together with the note on the front. This idea works very well with papers that can not be sent home to complete.
Absent Work Folder, Make-up Work, Planet Happy Smiles

Option #3: You can also use hanging file folders in a plastic file tub. As students are absent, you can add the papers behind the student's name/number. When the student returns, they can remove the items from their folder and take them home in the "Absent Work" folder. I will try and remember to take a picture of this one when I return this week.

We hope this gives you some easy ideas of how to set one up! 

If you want to make it easier, grab our file and print and go!  
Absent Folder for Make-up Work
Absent Work Folder, Make-up Work, Planet Happy Smiles

Happy Teaching!


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