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July 9, 2014

Classroom Organizational Tips for Wed. July 9th~

Today, our focus is on "hanging around the room."

How do you hang things up around your room?

If you have any activities that the children walk around the room, read a task card, and answer the question. A great way to put your cards up and take them down is to use the clips in the pictures below.  I Printed the signs , laminated them, and then hot glued the clips under the numbers. Not one fell off all year!  Yahoo!  Changing the cards was a breeze!  No sticky tack or tape. This was truly a great improvement to my around the room activities. The kids love those stations!

Hanging kid's work with ease and so their work does not get staple holes/rips in them can be challenging depending on the surface you have to use. One way we have found to be terrific for kids and parents are creating these cards pictured below. They are quick and easy to clip up the work, you know right away who did not finish or was absent, each child gets displayed, etc.
We have designed cards for different themes.  We print them, get them ready by adding clothespins and attach the name with a label when we get our class list.  It makes displaying work a breeze!

If you don't like clothespins you can always use binder clips.  They are super durable and look amazing.  We like to hot glue a ribbon through one of the handles.  Then we staple or hot glue the ribbon to the wall.  These have to be one of the best ways to hang your anchor charts.  When a test comes and you have to take down anything with print or cover it.  All you have to do is flip them up from the bottom and clip them.  Once the test is over, just release the bottom and you are done.    
Here are several anchor charts in use during math time!  The ribbon used here is the zebra print.  We love using different ribbons to match our decor or theme.
We hope you liked one or more of these tips.  Join us tomorrow for some more tips on organizing your room!
Happy Organizing!
Karen &Alison

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