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July 6, 2014

Monday Made it

Another week has passed and now it is time to link up with Tara from 

We are also going to link this post to Stephanie's Linky, too:

Our Monday Made It is going to be dealing with organization. and we are going to continue with that topic the rest of the week, so check back with us for more organizational tips.

Our first tip is organizing all those tiny pieces for games, learning cards, small puzzles, etc. We find these pencil bags are super easy to organize in.  We LOVE that they can snap into a binder and be organized with ease for future use.  We also LOVE that there is a clear window for a label to be placed on the inside and it does not fall off or get lost.  These are great for kids on trips, too.  They are flat and pack nice!
They are a win-win! 

Our second tip/Made It, is our dice boxes. I know you have seen this all over, but these are FANTASTIC!!!  We made them earlier in the year, but the reason why we are talking about them today is because if you make them ... we suggest you use foam dice. They are not as loud as regular dice. We also suggest you do not hot glue them closed so you can change the number of dice in the container.
When we find the little labels we made, we will share them as a freebie!
We made them so when other teachers borrow them, they know who gets them back :o)

Our third tip is to see if your local Dollar Tree has these bags:
They are more durable than you would think and keep many items in them.  The bottom of the bag expands for more room.  We bought a ton and sorted all of our thematic/subject/etc. and placed them in their own bag.  Then we made labels to go on them and filed them in a large storage tub.  It keeps moisture, dust, etc. out!
I now store all of my Easter eggs in these!
So many possibilities!

When you compare them to these bags @ $13+ each (we have some):
You can't go wrong.  The price is better and the quality is good enough to last a long while!

Check back tomorrow for another tip or two or follow us to see it pop up in your g+!
Happy Blog Hopping!
Karen & Alison



  1. I have been meaning to do that with my dice! I will definitely be running by my Dollar Tree to get those storage bags, I can definitely use those.

  2. My kiddos love them. I have now added place value dice! So much fun!!!


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