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July 21, 2014

Monday Made It ~

Another week has passed and now it is time to link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics!

This week was all about the spray paint and Duck Tape!!!
The first project was just about spray paint ... I found these mats at the Dollar Tree and they came in pink and aqua.  Really pretty colors but they did not go with my room.  What I loved about them was that they had a border around the edge to frame what the kids were doing on the inside.  It would have been a bonus it they came in black, but they didn't.  So ... I grabbed a can of spray paint and painted just one side. 

I love the way they look and they seem more durable with the way the spray paint hardened the placemats.

Colored numbers just seem to POP on the black!  I can't wait to use them during small group time.
Here it is pictured with my numbers for place value!

My next project was updating my clipboards.  They looked ratty from the kiddos making marks on them.
I sprayed them black and then added the zebra duct tape.  Easy Peasy! 

 The last project I tackled was painting and reinforcing the edges of the offices my kids use.  I find that painting them helps to make them last longer, saves the Earth, and the kids like them better.  When I taught kinder I painted them all with smiley faces and they lasted for over 10 years.
We hope you like our Monday Made It!

Now for a little tip ...
We have been playing with the covers of our Pinterest boards and updating them with the "Cute" Covers.  The cool thing about this is ... you can get them for FREE!!!  All you have to do is repin them, add them to your boards, and make them your covers!!!  We are not done with all of them, but we will be soon!

Here is a sample of mine:
click on the picture to get to our boards

I also found a terrific set on TPT!
You can get a free set made by "Reading with Mrs. B" here:
click on the picture to get to here free file!
Don't forget to leave some feedback love if you grab her freebie ~
We all love that positive feedback!

Happy Monday Made It!
Karen & Alison


  1. Love the clipboard and office spaces! Cute!
    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get them in the room! I love the way they turned out! Now to make a black and white polka dot set for my buddy! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Happy Teaching!

  2. I never thought of using duct tape on clip boards!!! Clever!!!!
    Mixing it up in Middle

    1. Lori,
      I like the way they look. They kinda act as a frame to their work. I am just worried they will get peeled this year. I am thinking of adding their number to their own clipboard. That way the kiddos that tend to pick at things can only ruin their own clipboard and office! I usually have one or two pickers. Hope you are having a GREAT summer! Happy Relaxing!

  3. I saw those same mats at the Dollar Tree, but had no idea what to use them for in the classroom. Now I am heading back to get them. That blue is one of the colors in my classroom, so I won't even have to paint them. I never thought of spray painting the offices my students use. I had one sneaky student who liked to write on them last year. I will definitely be doing this project once I'm allowed back in my classroom.
    The Traveling Teacher

    1. The Traveling Teaching,
      Good Luck with your hunt! If they don't have them, email/message us and we will look here and send them to you! The store I went to had a stack of them. I am so excited about using them during small group and workstation time. On the offices, this year I am going to add numbers to them because my sneaky student decided to put holes and write on them and I did not have numbers on them. We can't get back in until mid-August, how about you?
      Happy Crafting!
      Karen & Alison


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