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July 5, 2014

Dollar Store Shopping ~

Do you ever go out shopping looking for one thing and stumble into another?

Yesterday I was on a mission to find my smaller book baskets for my chapter books.  I headed over to Big Lots and I found a few, but still need more!
Here are the ones I found:
Sometimes people ask me: "Why these, why black, why so many?"
Why these?  I like these because of the sizes.  They come in the perfect sizes for my books and shelves.  The price is AMAZING!
Why black?  It matches my room and goes with everything/every theme.  I add plenty of color in other places and my labels pop on them!  I love them!
Why so many? I have a TON of books and I love that I can label these once and never take them off.  I stack the ones I will change out later and they are ready to go.

I can't wait to take a picture of my different libraries and put them on!  I missed all of my books last year when I taught math/science.

I also got my new baskets for my clipboards:
My large clipboards are at school right now and my small ones are waiting to be painted and made cute!

The Dollar Store was right next door so I braved it!

First, I found tons of fun office supplies.  I had to contain myself ...  I only bought a few!  The picture on the left is for my mom's office (24 cute file folders & a note pad to match).
The right is for me, I love post-its!

Next, I found these dividers for $1. These are great in your monitoring notebook for each kid!  I use them and the pockets are great to put in all of those little slips of paper (notes from parents, nurse slips, etc.). I bought enough to go in my CAFE binder!

Then, I found a couple new puzzles for my youngest:

After that, I found my BEST finds of the day!!!
I was super excited!!!

Finally, I went home to clean and work on organization and ...

I hope you have AMAZING finds that you love when you start shopping for your class!
Happy Shopping,


  1. Congrats on the $50!! I found a vintage pair of sunglasses from a teacher who left the classroom! And, I love clipboard baskets!

    1. Thanks!!! Way to go on sunglasses, too! It is always fun to find things. Also, the baskets seem like they are going to work great. I am sure I will dress them up with some ribbon and labels. I can't wait to pull my classroom together this year! Stop by again sometime soon! Happy Teaching!


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