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July 10, 2014

Classroom Organizational Tip ~ July 10th

Today, our focus is on Clip Charts!

Having a really good Behavior Management plan is a must for a successful year.  These are clip charts for behavior management. If you do not like the clips moving into the negative area you can always just use the positive section. However you choose to use this, it can be a very effective tool.

Here is our newest addition to our store but a SUPER addition to any classroom! Not only will you love it, but a sub will, too!

Our EDITABLE ~ Transportation Clip Chart and more:

What's Included:
1 per page & 2 per page Transportation Circles
Transportation Included:
How We Go Home (Header)
Bus rider
Car rider
Boys and Girls club
Day Care
After School
Extended Day
Club Rewind
Bike Rider
Staff Kids
See Ya Later, Alligator

Cards for the students names (for pocket chart)

All Transportation in 1/2 page cards that can be ringed together with lines for writing or typing the names right on the card.

Transportation Checklist (editable)

We hope you love our Clip Charts and find them useful this year!  Please go to the store and follow us so you will get updates on new items and freebies!
Happy Summer!
Karen & Alison

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