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July 8, 2014

Classroom Organizational Tip of the Day:

Today, our focus is on containers!

Recycling and using things that are around you is a great way to save $$$!

We love reusing containers for storing a variety of materials, for games, for Box Top collection containers, etc.

See the BIG container in the picture below ... Guess what that is going to be & you can win a prize from our store $5.00 or less!

The small round containers are from our Chinese restaurant and are great for small plastic letters.  Each of my kids in Kinder had one and their letter mat.  It was an activity they worked on daily for a little while.
The bottles are FANTASTIC for sensory bottles!!!  So durable!
Have fun collecting those plastics!

Here are some that we have bought:
I love the container I found for my tags!!!  I bought several & just labeled them.  I wish I had bought more.
The stackables are going to have sequins in them sorted and neat!
The large one is going to hold sidewalk chalk in the garage.

Yes, we do buy the typical bins at Walmart and Target, but it is so much fun to find containers at the $1 Store that are cheap and work!

Here are my storage drawers for between the table.  I have 6 with rainbow color labels, one set per table. I love the organization & the easy access for kids!  I also can not stand too much junk in the cubbies!

DO NOT be embarrassed by taking things from the trash :o) You are helping the planet!
Look what said, "Take me home!" this morning while I was taking out the trash ...

OK, that is it for today!!!  Happy Organizing and check back tomorrow for another fun tip or two!
Happy Summer!
Karen & Alison

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