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October 1, 2015

Currently ~ October 2015

We are linking up for another edition

of Currently with Farley!

Here is Karen's Currently:
Planet Happy Smiles Currently
Listening ... OOOOOOO ~ the SILENCE!  It is so peaceful late at night! I love it when I can be left to my thoughts and reflect on my day!

Loving ... that tomorrow is Friday and I will have two days with my own babies!  I miss them so much during the day! I do LOVE my class!  I am very blessed to have 21 amazing kids to teach and learn from! There is just something about spending time with your own kiddos!

Thinking ... I LOVE Fall! This weekend we will be decorating and making it FALL-tastic!

Wanting ... a maid, personal shopper, and a stylist.  Yes, I need all three ... well make it four.  I would love to have a professional organizer! Since school started everything has taken a backseat!
We are talking HOT MESS!

Needing ... to make shorter "To Do Lists" that I can really get through. I have that tendency to put way too much on my list.  Do you do that?

Boo-tiful ... my kid's love makes me feel boo-tiful.
I am one lucky mom!

Have an AWESOME week and HAPPY FALL!
Karen and Alison
 Planet Happy Smiles TPT


  1. My "to do" lists are forever getting longer with no end in sight. They serve a ambitious goals that end up mocking me as I crawl into bed, exhausted! Also, a stylist would be amazing.

  2. Argh I hear ya with the to do lists - and I'm on Spring break!!! All the best with tackling them all.

    Learning to be awesome


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