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October 4, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 10.4.2015

Teaching Trio
Happy Sunday, Friend!
We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
Here is Karen's Scoop:
Sunday Scoop Planet Happy Smiles
Have to:
1. Enter Grades~  Yes, this is an area I need to grow on.  I would love to find time to grade at school but with meetings, conferences, and other job related responsiblities it is hard. If I take it home and try to do it during family time my husband and kids are not happy.  I really need to set some time aside to do this.  I think I will come in earlier and  start my day by grading in the morning.  I am sure it will feel good to already have accomplished something. So instead of 7:00 am, maybe getting there at 6:30. YIKES!

2. Cleaning out my teacher bag goes right back to #1 grading papers.  I also have projects that are unfinished in there, too.  Today, I tackle it!

3. I already got a jump on organizing for the week.  Usually I wait until Sunday... that is my freak out day and rush to get everything done day! My husband does not like me on Sunday afternoon.  I'm fine Sunday morning but when 3:00pm rolls around ... watch out!  It is funny, I spoke to others I work with and they are the same way. Weekends are just so short!

Hope to:
1. Blog & connect are two of my favorite things to do.  I just love learning from others.We all have so muchto share with eachother to help make us AMAZING teachers and individuals.
I love trying to find time to do this every week.

2. Decorate for Halloween with my kids is a BLAST!  I am going to pull everything down today and get busy.  Maybe I can post some pictures later today!  I am also going to run to the Dollar Tree and find some fun things to do for my team. Everyone enjoys a pick-me-up!
Happy to:
I am always happy to spend time with my family!  It seems there are never enough minutes to hug on your kids and they just grow so fast.  I can't believe my youngest is in 1st grade.  BOO!  I miss that baby/Toddler phase.  
I am really working hard to slow down and enjoy each phase of their lives. Even at 21, my oldest is so cool to hang out with (when he wants to hang with mom).
I am so proud of that kid!
We hope your October is off to a great start!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles TPT


  1. I LOVE blogging and connecting with other teachers too!

  2. Oh have fun cleaning out that teacher bag. You never know what you may find. :)

    Lynnea from Adventures of a Techie Bookworm

  3. I enjoy connecting and getting new ideas from other bloggers as well. There's so many talented teachers out there!


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