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October 4, 2015

Make Someone Smile ~ October

Today, I spent some time creating gifts for my team and my kid's teachers.
You never know what might make someone's day!

Here are some items that I made with a link to the free labels!

First, I bought some of the min-water bottles and created labels to fit on them.
Planet Happy Smiles mini water bottle labels

Then, I made the gift tag labels.  Very simple, but cute!
Planet Happy Smiles Gift TagsPlanet Happy Smiles Gift Tags

Finally I stuffed them and added all of the fun!
Inside: mini water bottle, fall cakes, misc. candy from the dollar tree, cute container from the dollar tree (there were 3 per package), and tulle ribbon with tag.  I wrapped them all in larger clear treat bags so I would not have any pieces of candy walk away.  I made 12 of these!

Here is what they looked like when I was finished:
Planet Happy Smiles October Gift

If you want to grab our free labels to use on your teammates/collegues/kid's water bottles, click on the picture below! We would love your feedback on our FREEBIE!
Planet Happy Smiles Gift Tags and Mini Water Bottle Labels FREEBIE

Happy FALL!
Karen and Alison

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