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September 26, 2015

Have you ever wondered ... What's In Our Teacher Bags???

Teacher bags come in so many different styles!!!
We can't wait to see every one's bags in this linky party!

When we first started, We loved the rolling teacher cart. You know the one that Lakeshore promos at the beginning of every school year. We would pack it FULL in my first year.
 Lakeshore Rolling Cart

Then, I (Karen) broke it when I got it stuck on the curb for the millionth time. So, I purchased one that was similar from Office Depot.

It broke that one, too.

Next, I tried a satchel and it held some things, but it was just not BIG enough!

Now, I carry a picnic style basket that a parent purchased for me and I LOVE it!!! I actually have two bags I carry on some days. The second was another gift from a fantastic parent and the handles are long and I can throw is over my shoulder easily.  I use it more for workshops. 

Planet Happy Smiles Teacher Bag
What’s Inside Karen's Bags:
Book Discussion Activity (Must Laminate!)
Papers to grade
iPads & charger
External Harddrive
Tardy slips (I get a lot this year)
Hair clips
Misc. Papers

Alison LOVES her bag, too!
Planet Happy Smiles Teacher Bag

Planet Happy Smiles Teacher Bag
What’s Inside Alison's Bag:
Checklist Binder
Coffee Mug
Lunch Bag
File Folders
A Variety of Pens
Reading Glasses
Fundraiser Packet
ATPE Supplies

and a MUST ... Hand Sanitizer

We hope you teacher bag is lighter than ours!
Happy Weekend!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles

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  1. Your bag is much cleaner than mine! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I also used to have one of those big rolling teacher carts! Oh the life of a first year teacher... I don't miss those days! Glad you've been able to downsize!


  3. I carry my iPad everywhere, too. Sometimes I even through my macbook in for good measure! I'm such an Apple addict. I have one of those huge roller carts, too. I still use it when I want to bring in tons of stuff to school! I have the Staples version... and I've broken it twice! haha. :)

    I found you through the link up- and I'm a new follower! :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans


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