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October 3, 2015

Pick 3 ~ October Fun!!!

There are so many great ideas out there for the month of October!  Here are a few that we LOVE!
We can't do Halloween in our school but we love decorating at home and creating for others.

Door ideas ... My door is a great beginning but these are AWESOME!
Back to Hobby Lobby, Dollar Stores, and Michaels.
Halloween door: Halloween Deco for front door - love this!:

What a bunch of fun games at this site!  Kids would love this!
I could see this in a public school as a fun reward system.
All you would need to do is change the fronts!
Top 10 DIY Halloween Games For Kids:

I am going to do this with my own family.  My kids are growing so fast!
This is a great way to look back for years to come!
ghost feet-love!:

Have a very HAPPY October from Planet Happy Smiles!
Karen and Alison

Check out all of these other AWSOME blogs to see their top picks!  Happy October!

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  1. The ghost footprints are adorable. I so need to do this with my children. It would be a great decoration to hand up each year.

  2. I love the game ideas! We are having our first carnival at school, and I need all of the ideas I can get for games! Thank you for sharing your pins and joining us! :)

  3. Amazing ideas for your front door! I'm lucky to get a pot of mums on the porch and a wreath on the door....but I would love to come home to a gorgeous door like one of those! Thanks for linking up and sharing such great ideas for October!


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