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September 1, 2015

Currently ~ September 2015

We are linking up for another edition

of Currently with Farley!

Here is Karen's Currently:
Listening ... For some strange reason tonight, I have a TON of energy!  I got so much done when I got home and I am ready for more @ 9:30 pm. I have been on fire all day!  I got through three reading groups on the 7th day of school with only two minor interruptions!  Yahoo!!! I also did two loads of laundry, cleaned three bathrooms, unloaded and washed dishes, packed lunches for tomorrow, and made dinner. My husband is in shock right now.  You would think I was nesting.
It has been a GREAT day!

Loving ... I LOVE that my class is amazing and they treat each other so nicely!  They make my heart happy every day!

Thinking ... I know I am only suppose to have three things on my "To Do" list but ... it is more like 50.  I always forget how much we need to get done at the beginning of the year and how many different directions we are pulled.
Bless all of the teachers out there!

Wanting ... the weekend to come faster.  I love my class but I really need to spend some quality time with my own babies.  I feel like I just don't get that chance during the week.  (Note to self: Make more time!)

Needing ... I have got to get my big belly back into the gym.  I am sure I heard a whisper yesterday, "I think Mrs. Crawford is going to have a baby."
YEP!  I know I did!

1. Complete projects ... never ending. I am so ADHD and I am always adding more to my plate.
2. Decluttering is hard for me.  I can be caught saying: 
"I might use this one day!" 
3. Clean out my car ... this one I know I will get off my list.  Maybe tomorrow ... watch/follow us on Instagram and I will prove it!

Have an AWESOME week and may your students be a blessing to you!
Karen and Alison


  1. Impressive! My husband would be shocked also! Decluttering! I should have added that one! My craft closet is a mess! The Techie Playground

  2. Hi #tptchat friend!

    I decluttered my whole classroom, and it feels so amazing. I'm a bit of a hoarder! I also love my new class. Last year, I had a rough class, so this new class is a breath of fresh air!

    Great Currently!

    Jessica aka
    The Whimsical Teacher


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