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June 8, 2015

Monday Made It ~ Organization

Hello, Friends!
Summer has begun and it is time to link up with Tara from
It has been a long time since we have linked up!  I love summer because it gives me a chance to really get some blogging and exploring in.  Plus, I just need to relax!

This weeks Monday Made It is a simple organizational tool...
I am always looking for ways to become more organized!

Here is the cover and spine to the new binder that will hold all of our "Morning Daily Questions" which we have also begun using in our writing stations as writing prompts. I love binder systems! They look neat on the shelf and are easy to find!

Daily Question Binder, Yes/No Graph Binder

These are some of the different graphing sets we have created to match different themes throughout the year.

Daily Question Binder, Yes/No Graph Binder

This is what the cards look like inside the sleeves.  They are ready to just pull and use! As soon as I use a question, it will go back in it's sleeve. So simple! 

Daily Question Binder, Yes/No Graph Binder

 In the past we used one of these:
Flex File
The binder just seems to be a better fit!

Here is what the system looks like in action:
(If you click on this picture you will see another post about it)
Daily Question, Daily Graph Yes/No Graph, Planet Happy Smiles

 Here are some of the sets we have in our store that can go into the binder.
Just click here to get to the various sets or on the thumbnail below. Many are included in our matching theme bundles, too.
Yes/No Graph Questions in Chevron Print Multi Colored withYes/No Graph Questions in a Super Hero ThemeYes/No Graph Questions about Fall, pumpkins, apples, HalloYes/No Graph Questions in a Nautical ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in Chevron Print B/WYes/No Graph Questions about WinterYes/No Graph Questions in Busy Bee ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in an Under the Sea ThemeYes/No Graph Questions about Spring, Easter, and InsectsYes/No Graph Questions in Polka Dot PrintYes/No Graph Questions in a Rock Star ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in a Camping ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in Chevron Print Multi Colored withYes/No Graph Questions in Happy Face/Smiley Face ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in Croakin Froggy ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in a Ladybug ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in a Sports ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in a Monster ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in Polka Dot Print with Happy/Smiley FacesYes/No Graph Questions in an Owl ThemeYes/No Graph Questions in a Jungle/Safari Theme

We hope you like this organizational tip! 
The first item on the agenda for next week is ... revamping this:
Classroom Mailboxes, Planet Happy Smiles
Hope you come back to see more fun ideas next week!
Planet Happy Smiles


  1. I do a Question of the Day but I just use sentence strips. I keep them in a long storage box but it is definitely not as easy to store as your cards in a binder! Love your products...I have some of the black & white dot stuff!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Thanks so much, Donna! How do you use question of the day? Is it as a writing prompt? We added to our writing stations for that purpose, but since ours are smaller they do not work from a long distance to see them unless we put them under the "ladybug."
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. I teach PreK so my question of the day is pretty simple & straightforward. The kids answer it first thing after they unpack each morning. I try to ask questions related to our weekly themes/units of study and they're almost always Yes/No questions. Most questions also have a picture prompt to help my beginning readers. Each child puts their name card under their answer and then during our calendar time, we count/tally how everyone answered the question. Gosh, I need to do a blog post on that, don't I? LOL!

      Learning at the Teacher Table

    3. That sounds just like ours! I love it! You learn so much about them as individuals. Sometimes we add extra columns but not too often. I have changed mine up since I got moved to 2nd. I have added more upper level questions that I will be adding to the store this month. I would love to read your blog post! Have a very happy day!


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