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June 24, 2015

Whatever Wednesday: GoNoodle ~ Classroom Brain Breaks

Hello, Friend!

Do you like GoNoodle?
I absolutely LOVE GoNoodle!!!
It really gets your kids moving!
Brain Breaks are great for everyone including the teacher.  The kids love to see you taking part and getting moving.

At the bottom is a link to vote for a meet-up at a city near you  ... make sure you vote!  If you are not interested in going, vote for Austin for me.

Here is their logo, you can click on it to get to their site. Once there, sign up for a free account.  I have one for home and one for school so my kids can test out different ones and they can access it on their own.
You can even find them on YouTube:

Two of My favorites:

My kids LOVED!

GoNoodle is great as an incentive for kiddos to work a little harder, perfect for indoor recess instead of sitting and watching a movie, and "Airtime" is a great calming GoNoodle activity!

Here are a couple of tutorials for getting started:

Now, click on the picture below to vote for a city by you or ...vote for Austin for me!  I am dying to go!!!
I hope to meet you at a Meet-up!
Have a very HAPPY and fun week!

I decided to link this post up with Whatever Wednesday! You can link up, too by clicking on the apple below.
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  1. GoNoodle is something I've been interested in learning more about. So, this was a great post for me to read today. Thanks for linking up for Whatever Wednesday too.
    Grade School Giggles

    1. April,
      You will love it! I am so glad you liked the post, too. Thanks for a fun linky!
      Have a very HAPPY summer!

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