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June 12, 2015

Flashlight Reading Fun!

Hello, Friend!
Making reading fun is one thing I LOVE to do.

We do so many fun things during reading time ... 
One that my kids looked forward to was “Flashlight Friday.”

The children would either store their flashlights in the class basket or keep them in their backpacks.
Every Friday, they would get them ready for our reading time. I loved seeing their faces fill with joy as they looked forward to our special reading time.

I allowed them to read where they felt comfortable.  Some chose under the desk because it was darker.
Others preferred to sit at their desk or rest their books on their chairs.

No matter where they chose to read, they were reading! During this time I would visit different tables and check in. Some of them were having great discussions. They would even pull out our "Book Club Discussion Cards" and take turns answering the questions.
 Book Club Discussion Task Cards ~ 42 Illustrated Cards
Other tables just took turns reading from a book they found interesting.
I loved listening to their conversations.

I miss these kiddos a TON!
They taught me so much!
I am one lucky teacher!

I hope wherever they are this summer ... they are taking the time to read.
Happy Reading!


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