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April 19, 2015

Sunday Scoop ~ 4.19.15

Sunday Scoop

We are linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!
I love to read all about other bloggers!

Here is Karen's Sunday Scoop:
Sunday Scoop
Today I woke up still not feeling 100% but I am going to try and get somethings done.  I spent all Saturday in bed sick so ... several things carried over that I do on Saturday. BOO!

It was so nice of my parents to take the kiddos while I was sick!
I did get some papers graded while I was in bed on Saturday so that was good. I also slept a ton!  My body must have needed some sleep.  As teachers we so not get the sleep we need!

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and get outside and enjoy your day! I would love to hear some of the fun things you have planned.
Happy Sunday!

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  1. Feel better!!! I had a little bout of something this week too:( Sleep is sooo important!!!! And thanks for the reminder about grading...grades are due Tuesday at midnight for progress reports!!! Remember it will all get done, but take care of you first!!!


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