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April 17, 2015

Tech Thursday ~ Hang Ten with Boogie Boards!

We are linking up for the first time with Teaching Trio to offer a peek into some of the technology we have added this year.
The addition below is a must have for any classroom!

If you have not seen these, you are going to love them!!!

They are called Boogie Boards and they are an inexpensive piece of technology (compared to an iPad). I received 6 this year from a WONDERFUL donor on Donors Choose.

Here is a picture of them right after we took them out of the box:

We were over the moon!!!

They come with a stylus, a clip to hold the stylus, and magnets to be able to mount them to a magnetic surface. (check descriptions to make sure yours comes with what you need) I really do not use the magnets at this time.

You can also purchase them by clicking on the link below. The second link is for the protective case.

I love using them in class during all of the subjects I teach! The kids love them, too!

Here are some pictures of them in use ...

 One of the neat things that I love about them is how much paper you can save and how easy it is to clean the boards.  No messy markers that dry out.

They are user friendly with kinder kids, too!  I have tested them out on a number of age levels and the kids are always amazed by them.

Thank you for reading about these FANTASTIC boards!
If you would like to read more, you can visit their business website here.
I hope you give them a try!
Have a happy week!

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