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April 12, 2015

Markdown Monday ~ Theme Bundles

We are linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Markdown Monday! 

We decided to mark all of our theme bundles down this week.  Many teachers are already starting to think about next year and we wanted to give you a jump on the planning!

These bundles are full of materials to make any theme stand out! 516 pages of classroom theme fun!!!
Grab them while they are at their lowest price!

Included in the sets:
1. Complete Calendar/Weather set (22 pgs)
2. Helper Jobs – 63 different jobs and header (15 pgs)
3. Classroom hall passes – 12 different passes (12 pgs)
4. Word Wall Alphabet Cards – large (13 pgs)
5. Word Wall Headers &150 S.W. cards (32 pgs)
6. Sight word cards (editable) (1 pg)
7. Welcome banner (9 pgs)
8. Desk name tags (6 pgs)
9. Wall name plates to display work (7 pgs)
10. Skill banners (8 pgs)
11. Learning Objectives posters (editable) (9 pgs)
12. Note cards (editable) – different sizes (7 pgs)
13. Newsletter (editable) (8 pgs)
14. Getting to know you form (editable) (1 pg)
15. Rules, Rewards, Consequences posters (8 pgs)
16. Helper/Reader sign up sheets (4 pgs)
17. Birthday chart (editable) (2 pgs)
18. Yes/No Graph (editable) (24 pgs)
19. Sharp/Unsharp Pencils signs (2 pgs
20. Behavior Clip Chart (20 pgs)
21. Table Colors/Numbers (12 pgs)
22. Toolbox Organization Labels (editable) (4 pgs)
23. Tote tray Supply labels (16 pgs)
24. Stars & Wishes Class donations (editable) (19 pgs)
25. U.S./Texas Pledge posters (4 pgs)
26. Centers/Stations signs (173 pgs)
27. Schedule cards (29 pgs)
28. Homework Club (5 pgs)
29. Parent Communication Log (editable) (5 pgs)
30. NOISE! Posters (3 pgs)
31. Number Wall/Cards (20 pgs)
32. Alphabet cards (14 pgs)
33. Student Binder Cover & Spine (editable) (2 pgs)

Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Super Hero ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Polka Dot Black and White Print
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Zebra PrintClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Black and White Print
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ "Under the Sea" Ocean ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Rock Star Theme
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Sports ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Ladybug Theme
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Camping ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Owl Theme
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Jungle/Safari ThemeClassroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Rainbow Print with white
Classroom Theme Bundle ~ Chevron Rainbow Print with black

* If you are not ready to start thinking about next year, just add these to your wishlist and decide later.

Click on the picture below to find other items in our store!
We hope you will follow us and have a very HAPPY week!
Karen and Alison

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