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August 18, 2013

Our Very Organized Binder~

This is the binder we designed for our kiddos to use in kinder.  We loved how organized it was!  Everything had a place.  The top picture is Karen's daughter's name tag~ everything matched our theme.

The first picture is just the binder cover.  We used 1" white binders with clear plastic covers.  They worked so well!  The second picture is where they kept their "Blue Card."  The "Blue Card" only went home on Thursdays.  It was communication between home and school on behavior and academics.  On the other days, if there were items too big for the yellow folder the kiddos could put those items in this pocket.
The third picture, is "All Notes Go Here" clear page protector.  Every note, parent or teacher, went in this sleeve. It was so easy to see any notes.  The fourth picture, is our conduct information & calendar.  We stamped/"stickered" folders daily.  If there was a concern, we had a number code system.  The yellow "Stays At Home" folder is after the conduct information.  The last two photos are of the:  "Reader Bag Goes Here!"  This is where the kids put their reader when they took one home to read.  So NEAT!
We are going to miss this binder.
We hope this might help someone set up their binders for the upcoming school year!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Happy Organizing!
Karen & Alison

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