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August 1, 2013

Anchor Charts

Alison has been at a workshop all week about

The Teacher’s College Reading Workshop model.

The presenters were amazing! She learned a lot

from Kristi and Ryan! She will be able to

take some fabulous information back to her school

to share with the K, 1, 2 teachers!

One of the many important parts of a Reading

Workshop mini lesson is using anchor charts.

Kristie and Ryan created and used them

throughout the whole 4 day workshop!

Kristi actually has co-authored a book specifically

on making and using anchor charts. It is an amazing

book filled with great ideas on creating and using

anchor charts to help your students learn strategies.

To learn more about Kristi and how she uses anchor
charts, click here...

I have already purchased my copy of the book, and

I highly recommend you looking at this great resource

for your Reading Workshop lessons.

Just click on the link below to take you to the book

on Amazon.


Happy Reading and Creating!

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