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August 9, 2013

Classroom in the Making

Classroom in the Making ... Take 1:

Alison has been hard at work on her classroom.  She has worked for 2 days and here is her progress.  On day 2 she had help from her mom & grandson, Braydon.  She is very blessed to have such WONDERFUL helpers!

The first set of pictures are book baskets ...  I love the colors & organization!

The red are "Hearts Desire" book baskets.  These are the books the children choose because they love them!

 The green are nonfiction book baskets.  These are probably some of the most loved books!

 The blue are "Favorite Author" baskets.
The characters are needed to be placed with their books on Monday.

The yellow are "Just Right" book baskets.  These are the leveled readers.  I can't wait for my daughter to get her hands on these again this year. (One of the joys of Alison moving grade levels!)

I am going to miss all of my book baskets this year!

 This is Alison's paper sorter ... she is still working on the different stations for her First Graders!

This is her very organized and labeled writing station.  I just love how organized she is ... I wish it would rub off on me.  No such luck in the 17 years I have known her.

 She did a great job on her "Big Book" station.
I love this!

Here is her "Happy Pass Hangout."
The holder is a dollar store peg rack!

 This will be her teaching area.
Above the brown shelf will be her smart board.  

To do for Monday ...

Teaching  area ... & work station.

I hope you enjoyed a preview to Alison's classroom.  
If you would like to see mine go to:
Happy Teaching!
Karen & Alison

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