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August 17, 2013

CAFE Board

The CAFE board is up and ready for the strategy cards as they are taught.  I am so excited!

You can find all of the posters/strategies/header here 

To make this board I printed, laminated, and added ribbon.  I used plain black 2" ribbon, the polka dots to match the headers in a smaller ribbon, & hot glued them together.   I added Velcro to the ribbon where the cards are going to go & on each strategy card.  That way I can take down any card that needs to be reinforced.

I placed it close to my small group table to reference during group time.  I hope this picture is clear enough ... 
I created the CAFE board in a variety of styles to fit different requests.  If you have another style in mind, feel free to email me & I will do my best to fit your needs.
Here are the following styles:

I hope you like the set!
Have fun teaching with CAFE!
Happy Teaching,

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