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August 15, 2013

More on Alison's Room

I tiptoed into Alison's room and took a few pictures after she left ... shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell her :o)

Here is her Rock n Roll board that will welcome her new 1st Graders.  So Cute!  Click here to get one of your own. 

 Reading center complete ... and so "happy!"

Word Family center is up and ready ... If you love the pocket chart ...
I can tell you it is easy to make your own.  

First, we measured and cut felt rectangles for each pocket to build the houses.  Then, we cut 2 black triangles out of black felt to fit at the top for the roof.  Finally, we hot glued it all together & presto ...
instant station!

We have cards that go into the pockets for the kiddos to manipulate after we have introduced them.
The baskets on the bottom hold a ton more hands-on materials.  Fun station!

 This board is one she found out in the blogging world. I will have to add where she found it another day.  
(It is so much like one I made over 10 years ago that we shared with our kiddos. 
It just has better graphics.  I love this one!)
 I am going to miss language arts!  

At our school we do the 7 Habits.
Here are the cards glued to a ribbon. 
Alison made this set ... Good Job, Alison!
Looks very organized!
She is going back to work in the morning to get more accomplished ... I can't wait to see the magic!
Happy Teaching,

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