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July 25, 2016

Monday Made It ~ Colored Rice, Brain Sprinkles, & DIY Binder

Monday Made It
Happy Monday, Friend!
Another week of fun projects to share.
Thanks, Tara for hosting this great link-up!
I hope you enjoy them!
Monday Made It
My first project was making new colored rice.  I LOVE sensory bins for the classroom. My last batch lasted a LONG time but it was time to make some new rice! My son could not wait to get his hands in it! If you want to read more about how to make it or grab the direction sheet you can read about it on this blog post:
Kids LOVE Colored Rice! Here is an easy how to!
Planet Happy Smiles Colored Rice
Monday Made It
One fun classroom idea
is "Brain Sprinkles."  I saw the pin on Pinterest by Mrs Nichol's Corner but the pin did not land on a working blog.

Here is our version of "Brain Sprinkles":

Planet Happy Smiles Brain Sprinkles
I used colored rice, sprinkle jar from the Dollar Tree, confetti stars, hot glue, and leftover clear laminating film.

Planet Happy Smiles Colored RicePlanet Happy Smiles DIY Brain Sprinkles
First, I scooped the colored rice into the jar.  I mixed the confetti stars in with the rice.
Planet Happy Smiles DIY Brain Sprinkles
Next, I hot glued the laminating film inside the top of the lid to cover the holes.
Planet Happy Smiles DIY Brain Sprinkles
After that, I created a label and attached it to the jar using hot glue. 
Planet Happy Smiles DIY Brain Sprinkles

Planet Happy Smiles Enjoy
 Grab your free recipe and label here:
Planet Happy Smiles DIY Brain Sprinkles

Monday Made It
We are so excited to share our DIY Directions with you!  We created a binder cover and spine that fits a 1" binder for your to keep all of your DIY projects organized in. Just cut the spine to fit, slip in the cover, add some protective sleeves, and slip in your new DIY ideas! We have so many more coming your way.

Here is what our binder looks like: 
Planet Happy Smiles DIY Notebook
Grab it HERE

We will also be sending some DIY ideas in our newsletter.  To make sure you don't miss a thing, sign up today!
Planet Happy Smiles Email Subscribers
We hope you have a very HAPPY week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much!!! The kids LOVE them! Thanks for stopping by! Have a very HAPPY week!

  2. How funny with the sprinkles! I thought, wouldn't this make a mess?? But I realized you tape the holes shut and the kids simply think you're sprinkling it on them. How cute!


    1. Thanks so much! The kids would love it if I really sprinkled it on them! I love that this never runs out! Thanks for stopping by! Have a very HAPPY week!

  3. I love the brain sprinkles idea! I saw something similar on Pinterest, but yours is WAAAAAY cuter!
    Daisy Designs

    1. Amanda,
      Yes, I saw one but the link did not work. They also looked like they were made a bit ago. I am so glad you like mine. Thanks for stopping by! Have a very HAPPY week!

  4. Ahhh brain sprinkles!! Love it :)

    1. Thanks so much! I am thrilled you love it! Thanks for stopping by! Have a very HAPPY week!


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