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July 2, 2016

Glue Sponges Save Time, Money, & the Environment

Glue Sponges, How To Make Glue Sponges

Hello, Friends!
Ever wonder if glue sponges are worth the time & effort to make them?

From my experience, they are!
Glue Sponges are cheap to make. I LOVE that the kid's pages in their interactive journals do not stick together! I also love that I can stack work as soon as the kids finish it. I never buy glue sticks anymore,
the Earth LOVES this!

This is not my original idea, I wish I knew who created them.
Thank you to Mr. Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard for introducing them to me.

They are simple to make & teach the kiddos how to use them.

Here's what you need:
*Containers with lids to put the sponges in. I find that if the sides are too high, the kiddos have more trouble with them.
*Sponges to fit your containers
*Glue (Elmers is my brand of choice)
*Spray Bottle
*Listerine Mouthwash

Steps to create your own sponges:
1. Cut your sponges to fit your containers.
(I needed to use one & 1/2)
2. Pour your glue onto you sponges.
3. Snap your containers on tight.
4. Allow the glue to soak into the sponges.
(Approx. 24-48 hours)
5. Ready to Use!
6. Over time you may have to add more glue depending on how much you use them.
Glue Sponges ~ Planet Happy SmilesGlue Sponges ~ Planet Happy SmilesGlue Sponges ~ Planet Happy Smiles
Here is one of my containers closed:
Glue Sponges ~ Planet Happy Smiles
I got this type of container at Walmart.

Here is a picture of one of my students using them with our Word Work Journals. They lay the paper they want to glue on the sponge, gently tap it, and then place it on their page.  No mess!
Glue Sponges ~ Planet Happy Smiles

Keep a water bottle close by for squirting them a couple times after use. To cut down on any germs, you can add some Listerine to the water and it will work great. I squirt mine after every use.
Glue Sponges ~ Planet Happy Smiles

This is a tote tray full of left over glue from last year. We rarely used the BIG bottles. I really do not need any glue this next year!
Glue Sponges ~ Planet Happy Smiles

Look how neat they fit on the shelves! I only use one per table and my kiddos shared so nice because the containers were larger.
Glue Sponges ~ Planet Happy Smiles
These have lasted for two years and are still going strong with little upkeep! I am so excited about these and you will be, too!

If you haven't tried them, give them a try and let us know what you think! #gluespongesrock
Happy Crafting!


  1. So when kids need glue, how exactly do they use it? Do they have to pick up the sponge?

    1. Hello Lapham Family!
      Great question! I forgot to add that photo and information. I am so sorry! I have now added it on the blog. The children lay the paper they want to glue on the sponge, gently tap it, and then place it on their page. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a very HAPPY 4th of July!


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