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February 16, 2016

Tricks of the Trade Tuesday ~ Teaching Tips & Tricks

Welcome! We are so HAPPY you stopped by!

Here is another teaching tip!
Tricks of the Trade ~ Teaching Tips & Tricks

Using Hula Hoops for small group work is great!

*If I say, "It's time to HOOP IT UP!"

*The kids get out their hoops and go to their spot in the room. 

*If there are manipulatives, they place them in the middle of the hoop and the kids sit around them. Instant Circle! Sometimes they are using whiteboards or paper copies and the kids can share their work in the middle of the hoop.

* They work with their new group of friends.  These are friends from other tables. The kids love working with different friends throughout the day!
Hula Hoop Groups, Planet Happy Smiles
The hula hoops work so nicely and everyone can see the materials in the middle of the hoop.

I purchased my set of rainbow hoops for "Hula Hoop Stations" from Oriental Trading Company.

We hope you find this tip useful!
Happy Teaching!

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