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February 23, 2016

Tricks of the Trade Tuesday ~ Teaching Tips & Tricks

Welcome! We are so HAPPY you stopped by!

Here is another teaching tip!
Tricks of the Trade ~ Teaching Tips & Tricks

If you can't find the pocket chart you need, make it!
Word Family Houses Pocket Chart ~ Planet Happy Smiles
We have several old pocket charts and we wanted one with word family houses.

We also wanted two houses on the same one so they could sort the words into the houses.
We made these:
Word Family Houses Pocket Chart ~ Planet Happy Smiles

Here is how we made them:
Word Family House Pocket Chart ~ Planet Happy Smiles

Now they are ready for your station materials... 
Word Work Station ~ Planet Happy SmilesWord Work Station ~ Planet Happy Smiles
We found one you can purchase but it is a single house. You can check it out here:
We hope you find this tip useful!
Happy Teaching!

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