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February 2, 2016

Tricks of the Trade/Teaching Tips

Tricks of the Trade ~ Teaching Tips & Tricks, Planet Happy Smiles
Welcome! We are so HAPPY you stopped by!

I am very excited to bring you another fun tip!

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OK ... get your pencils out for this tip.
No, really!

Today's tip is about those pencils that drive teachers crazy!  Yeah, you know the ones ... eraser missing or maybe the end is chewed on. You know ... they are the lonely ones that sit in the cup even if they are the sharpest ones in the bunch.

They look like this: 

Poor Things!

Now, I know we spend a ton of our own money on our classroom but I will either buy new pencils or something that might solve the problem.

So I bought these:
Pencil Cups, Planet Happy Smiles
Now each table has their own color (except red, they get pink) and they know where the pencils belong.

The kids were super excited and I love the organization!
No more arguing over pencils. 
Planet Happy Smiles, Happy Face
I still do the tins for unsharpened/sharpened pencils and that works really good.  Now when they need a new one, they just take the eraser off and grab a freshly sharpened one.

Pencil Cups and Germx Bottles, Planet Happy Smiles
We hope this trick helps you!
Happy Teaching!

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