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February 14, 2016

Freebie ~ NOISE

Do you have trouble with lots of talking in your classroom? Or ... just getting your students to use an appropriate voice level?
NOISE ~ Behavior Management
We teach in an open-concept school, which means we do not have doors or walls between 8 classes in one section or between 10 classes in 2 others.  Our classrooms are divided by cabinets. The noise level can get a little loud at times.

One way to help with this is a little trick called NOISE.
NOISE Planet Happy Smiles
There are different variations with this behavior management activity. I have no idea who started this, but I would love to know.

In my class, we loose a letter each time our voices get too loud.  Once the letters are down to the "NO" that means no more talking.
NOISE ~ Behavior Management

I do allow mine to earn letters back when they are working and using their "synergizing voice level." I also added the "!" so you can give them a *BONUS* if they can keep it on all day!

You could also build the word.  When they get to the last letter or the !, they can go outside and make some NOISE during extra recess. 

Here are some of the cards in a variety of styles. Just laminate, add magnets to the back and you are ready to go. You can also change your printer settings to make them smaller.

NOISE! Rainbow Chevron (FREEBIE)  NOISE! Black/White Polka dot (FREEBIE)  NOISE! Zebra Print (FREEBIE)  NOISE! Black/White Chevron (FREEBIE)  NOISE! Nautical (FREEBIE)
We hope you find one that fits your classroom needs! Visit our store, there are more styles!

All of these different "NOISE" sets matches our HUGE Classroom Decor Bundles!  You can find them in our TPT store.
Happy Teaching!

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