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November 29, 2015

TpT Wishlist Favorites!

Hi, Friend!
It's a SALE!
I can't wait!!!  My cart is bursting with items for my classroom and to make my items better!
You are going to have so much fun shopping all over TpT!
So many great items and time is limited!

Our first item that is flying out of our store daily is our Reindeer Facts packet. It is a favorite!
This set includes:
-Reindeer Fact Power Point
-Reindeer Fact cards and pictures
-Writing activities to go with the facts
-Tracers to create a reindeer and reindeer topper
-Banner, labels
-Reindeer Labeling activity
-Reindeer Labeling Power Point reader
-Reindeer non-fiction poem
-This is a Reindeer Power Point reader
-Examples of each activity
 Reindeer Facts
You can also find Reindeer Facts in the HUGE 700 page Christmas Bundle! GIANT time saver for getting several activities in one place!
Christmas Activities Mega Bundle ~ 27 Fun Language, Math,

The next item I use on a daily basis in reading groups! This is another BEST SELLER from our store.
Included in this pack:
42 fiction task cards and 18 non-fiction task cards.
PLUS Book Club Response Sheets
It is a great addition to any reading group!
 Book Club Discussion Cards and Recording Sheets
 Here are 365 pages of FUN!  This set has 34 reading anchor charts and 12 writing anchor charts to make your life a little easier.  All of these are made in front of the kids and with their help or you can premake them to fit your needs and time frame.  It is a HUGE win-win!!!
 Reading and Writing Anchor Chart Bundle
We hope you have a very fun filled couple of days of shopping and get everything on your wish list!
Happy Cyber Sale Shopping!

Head back to the Linky for more great wish listed resources!


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