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December 1, 2015

Currently December

One of our Favorite link-ups is 
Currently with Farley!
Here is Karen's Currently:
Listening: My oldest is up playing games with friends on the computer and is making a TON of noise!  It is WAY too late for that ... go to bed.
Oh, wait ... he is 21. I guess he can stay up later than the littles.

LovingI am loving all of the Christmas decorations that are going up all over the city!
I finally finished painting my yard art and I can't wait to put it out tomorrow.

Thinking: I am never going to get everything done ...
I just need to take it one project at a time!

Wanting: I would love to be able to go to bed a little earlier this week than I have the last two nights.  I have been tumbling in after midnight ... no good!

Needing: I always seem to go grocery shopping.  My family of five must eat too much!

My tree is a fake. I think we stopped getting a real tree when I was a little girl and my mom decided a fake was the way to go. I really want to try a real one with my kiddos but I am worried about allergies.  My allergies have gotten so much worse as I have gotten older.

I hope you are currently relaxing and enjoying the season of giving!
Make sure you check out all of the other blogs that are linked on Currently!
Have a safe Christmas season!

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