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August 17, 2015

Monday Made It ~ 8.17.15

Monday Made It
Hi, Friend!
Today, It is all about getting it done!!!

Monday Made It
 Our first project was our hallway bulletin boards for 2nd grade!
These are almost done ... we still need a few finishing touches!

Below are treasure chest and on the yellow cards will have our class lists. I will have to take a close up picture!
This bulletin board is: "Our 2nd Grade Treasures!"
Planet Happy Smiles Pirate Bulletin Board

The next bulletin board is our pirate ship and banner!
The ship will have pirates soon.
Planet Happy Smiles Pirate Bulletin BoardPlanet Happy Smiles Pirate Bulletin Board

I got all of my 1st day writing pages glued together and ready to go!!!
I love these writing samples!
Planet Happy Smiles Pirate Writing

Grab your Pirate Banner & Craft here:
Pirate Craft & Banner
My writing station is getting a BIG make-over this year!!!
In this picture you see four projects:
(top-to-bottom & left-to-right) My class journals are color coded according to subject using duct tape on the spines, My class anchor chart signs are ready to be hung, I made a HUGE folder for my examples during writing, and signs that will go in my writing & focus areas! 
Planet Happy Smiles Writing Center
I had to spray some scissors yellow because every table has matching scissors and yellow did not!  I love Fiskars scissors, but I have never found yellow in the stores.  This was my other option!  
Planet Happy Smiles Painted Scissors
I bought new germ-x for my class, printed, and attached the new labels! Perfect fit!!! Grab your labels for free by clicking on the picture!
Hand Sanitizer ~ Germx Bathroom Pass Labels ~ FREEBIEHand Sanitizer ~ Germx Bathroom Pass Labels ~ FREEBIE #resourceswelove
We hope your year gets off to the BEST start!
Happy Teaching!
Karen and Alison
Planet Happy Smiles


  1. Hi Karen and Alison. Thanks for the labels. I got them for the monster ones. See you around,
    Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. Kathleen,
      You are welcome! We hope you have an AMAZING year!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Karen and Alison

  2. This is such a teacher thing to do-- "I NEED yellow scissors. I know, I'll spray paint them!"

    Love it!

    My Bright Blue House


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